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Welcome to Where To? – a travel blog powered by Hilton Grand Vacations!

We are all natural born storytellers. Stories engage us, teach us new ideas, and help us build strong connections. Travelers, especially, are the best kind of storytellers with each trip opening up new experiences, destinations to explore, and memories to share.

When we return from an epic vacation, we immediately want to share our stories with others to relive the glow of our getaway. Maybe it felt larger than life, like this one….

I stood tall, perched above the clouds, clutching a thick, metal wire, too engaged to wipe the sweat trickling down the inside of my helmet. Reminding myself to breath. In. Out. Breath In. Out. Looking down onto the canopy of lush greenery below…ONE….TWO…THREE! Legs lift off the wooden platform and I lean back into an extra snug harness. Speed quickly begins to build. Zip! Zoom! WHOOSH! I am flying down a zipline, warm wind tickling my cheeks, whizzing past the sounds of chattering birds. All my senses are in overdrive as I look out beyond the trees and watch curling waves leave a blanket of white bubbles on the seashore. This will forever be the day I took flight through the rainforest.  

Or maybe it was a small moment that will stay in your memory for a lifetime….

After enjoying a family meal made from local farmers’ market ingredients cooked in our resort kitchen, we decided to go for a sunset walk on the beach. Music was playing just outside the resort, and I watched my two year old daughter, complete with a plumeria in her hair, run right up to a woman dancing the hula. Our bright eyed toddler began to sway her tiny arms, and shake her tiny hips. The hula dancer pulled our carefree girl on stage to share an ancient dance together as the sun set pink, orange, and purple hues across the horizon.

These special travel moments stay inside us, and become part of who we are. Always. We want to share with you a space to tell your stories and learn from others who are just as passionate about travel.

It’s time to welcome you to our official travel blog, Where To? – Powered by Hilton Grand Vacations. Where To? embodies 25 years of combined expertise and memories of our Owners and Team Members. We are gathering Explorers together in this digital space to share stories of destinations, travel tips, trip planning, property highlights, adventures, and so much more. We want WHERE TO? to be a resource for you, to always feel inspired to go further and share more.

The Vacationeer

The Vacationeer is a travel storyteller to help inspire our Members to go further. The Vacationeer is always on the lookout for new adventures to explore, the best places to relax, useful travel tips, and unique ideas to make our Members’ vacations so much more than they ever imagined.

The Explorers

You. Our Owners, the heart and soul of Hilton Grand Vacations. All of us share a passion for travel, and we all have our own stories to tell. One of the most beautiful things about travel is the fact that every story is different. Even when you visit a popular destination, there are big moments and small moments waiting to be uncovered throughout your stay.

We want to hear your travel stories and perspectives. Did you uncover the ultimate destination? Have you made new friendships along your journey? Do you have special connections with Team Members? Have you learned something new during your vacation? Where To? is a learning space to explore new ideas in travel and a way to make travel connections stronger. From helpful planning tips to must-see destinations, inspiration for your next vacation is just waiting to be discovered. We are excited to embark on this new blogging journey together!

Want to become an Explorer? Apply to be considered.


Forever in Vacation Mode,  

The Vacationeer

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