What’s up HGV Owners! I know that you are all planning those awesome vacations and getaways.  In doing so, you are exploring all of the options available via ownership.  I am sure that you are considering location, time, seasons, and how to maximize your points.  Although the “Club Navigator” is a great tool to use and pretty much provides everything that you need to know and utilize for organizing your vacation, in the planning process, there comes a time when you may need to contact a Club Counselor.  Often, the questions become when, why, and how?  I want to take a few moments to share my thoughts regarding contacting a Club Counselor based on my personal experiences. 

I am sure that you would agree that there is no perfect way to plan any vacation.  Each HGV destination is different in many ways and requires some research even if you have visited the location before.  Therefore, it is imperative that once you select your destination, before contacting a Club Counselor, do your homework.  For instance, Hilton is constantly building new additions to properties and making renovations to others.  In your pre-planning stage, you may want to know this information in the event that you want to avoid the noise by asking for a unit that is as far away from construction/renovation as possible.  Also, you will find that each property has its own identity (as reflected in the name of the property), meaning that some features and amenities differ.

If you are traveling with children of various ages, you may want to explore the variations in children activities, play areas, game room and the children’s pool/water slides.  There are so many questions that you could ask based on your personal needs, desires, and expectations.  My point is, there are many questions that a Club Counselor may not be able to answer.  However, there are many questions that they are always respectfully prepared to address. 

Many owners assume that you should only contact a club counselor if you have questions regarding points.  While that is a great reason, it is not the only one.  HGV Club Counselors are amazing people.  They go through intensive, extensive training in preparation to avail themselves to the needs of all owners.  Therefore, after you have done your homework and decided on your dates of travel and location, you should contact a Club Counselor before finalizing your plans and after you have created your online account. They can review all of the options that are available to you, in the event that you have missed any new information that may have come in the form of email, and etc. 

As we all know, the HGV collection is rapidly growing.  As the collection continues to grow, so does ownership.  It is this continual growth that fosters multiple levels of ownership (theory of supply and demand).  If necessary, you should contact a Club Counselor to determine information specific to your tier. In fact, there are “tier-dedicated” teams based on ownership.  I have found that all Club Counselors are experts at navigating the different HGV websites, in particular the Club Navigator for owners.  I must admit that they have patiently helped me to plan better numerous times.  As we all know, there may be multiple properties at any one location (Florida, Hawaii, the Carolina’s, New York, etc.), and let’s not forget the International destinations.  They are great at checking and directing owners to all available inventory and resources at a particular location.  It is important to note that the HGV website does not always reflect real time.  You may select a location and date, and the website may reflect that there is no availability based on your needed accommodations.  Well, that situation can change at any moment.  Owners sometimes change and/or re-arrange their plans within the time period allowed.  In this case, space can become available but does not post immediately.  Therefore, again, you would only know true available inventory via a Club Counselor (my exact personal experiences). 

Sometimes you may experience difficulty with converting your Club Points to HH Points.  If you are unaware, there is a conversion calculator on the owner’s website.  However, if your vacation plans involve both staying at a HGV resort and other Hilton brand properties, a Club Counselor can help you decide how to best maximize all of your options.  They really know how to help you get the best “bang” for your collective point’s possibilities.

When it is all said and done, Club Counselors are extremely resourceful.  They can provide you with assistance in many other areas that I have not discussed.  Maybe I will render a follow-up article at a later date.  In any situation, to assist them with helping you, as I stated earlier, I firmly believe that you must first do your homework.  Club Counselors have always been better able to assist me when I present a certain body of knowledge regarding my plans.  Although I have never experienced an unprofessional Club Counselor, and they are always willing to help, I believe that prior preparation would be both respectful, and beneficial to all.  Moving forward, my personal suggestion is that you read as much information as possible on the website about your selected property to be sure that your selection is where you want to be. After all, when it is all said and done, the overall goal is to plan to enjoy you vacation no matter where you are in the world.

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Finally, there are certain properties that can only be booked through a club Counselor.  If you are a new owner and definitely need direction, or if you are hesitant about planning your vacation for any reason, please feel free to immediately contact a Club Counselor at 1-800-932-4482. Until next time, HAPPY PLANNING & VACATIONING- ENJOY!

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