Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld, a second home to HGV Owners.

Do you have dreams of owning a second home? A home away from home, where you can truly unpack, unwind, and unplug, to relax fully, before returning back to the realities of your permanent address?

Sure, the thought of owning a second home may sound romantic, but buying a house presents you with so many responsibilities such as furnishing the home, ongoing maintenance, utility bills, real estate taxes, and property management (if you are looking to rent it out throughout the year). And who wants to spend their treasured vacation time fixing things in your vacation home the first few days you arrive? By the way, do you still want to travel to other destinations around the world? Unfortunately, you are stuck taking care of your vacation home to make it worth the cost.

Did you know that you can use your Hilton Grand Vacation ownership as a second home? The cost of purchasing enough points (which will allow you more time to stay) is a fraction of the total cost incurred in owning a second home.

There are already so many Hilton Grand Vacations members taking advantage of using their ownership as a home away from home (without the hassles of actually having a second home).

Here are four reasons why Hilton Grand Vacations is the perfect option for a vacation home.

“Wheels and Wings”

If you have a passion to travel the world and plan vacations to different locations each year, whether by car, or by plane, Hilton Grand Vacations is the perfect option to give you the flexibility to see the world. Since we aren’t a traditional timeshare, you aren’t stuck vacationing in the same locale each year. If you want to ski in Breckenridge, Colorado for a month, you can make that happen. Or, if you desire an escape from the cold of winter to the waterways and sunshine in Florida, why not? You can have a new vacation home each year since HGV offers you that flexibility.


If you own your own second home you are the housekeeper, maintenance, engineering, the concierge, the activities coordinator, and so on. If HGV is your vacation home, you are guaranteed to be taken care of with the top notch hospitality that Hilton is known for.

Peace of Mind

Whether you are staying at HGV for a week or three months, you will have peace of mind during your entire stay. If something isn’t working properly, it’s not on your time to go fix. Everything here is maintained so you can work on being on vacation all in the comfort of your second home.  

Hilton Grand Vacations room with kitchen.


The thought of 300-500 square feet for a long-term stay might feel a bit claustrophobic. Vacationing longterm with HGV, you can spread out with 1000-1700 square feet of living space. You have everything you’d find in a vacation home – fully-stocked kitchen, dining space, bedroom and bathroom space, private laundry, and of course the resort grounds to explore amenities like swimming pools, workout facilities, and more.

How Many Points Do I Need to Travel Like I Have a Vacation Home?

Great question! If you have dreams of making HGV your second home, our Club Counselors are here to discuss the best options for you. Becoming an Elite Premiere member (the membership that offers the most points to stay longer) may be easier to attain than you think. Can we add that you also receive Hilton Honors Diamond Status when you become Elite Premiere?

Tips on How to Use Your Points to Stay Longer

Here are a few tips from current HGV Owners who use HGV as their affordable second home.

  1. Book during lower seasons
  2. Book a smaller unit (combine units when your family comes to visit)
  3. Book in advance

Vacation Home Ideas with HGV

Most of our properties offer amenities such as a full recreation department with daily activities, poolside fun, and access to off-property attractions and entertainment. Here are three destinations ideas that offer you the services and activities you desire in a vacation home. All three locations have full recreation teams that plan daily events including, movies under the stars, wine tastings, game night, free DVD rental machines, board games, and so much more.

  1. Orlando
  2. Hilton Head, South Carolina
  3. Hawaii

Are You Ready to Call HGV Your Second Home?

Treating HGV as a second home is just one more way you can benefit from your ownership to cultivate inspiration to travel (and relax) further. Do you already use HGV as your vacation home?


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