14 February with pink heart on calendar - Valentine's Day

This year, on Valentine’s Day, instead of spending hours in the card aisle trying to find the perfect message or the frustration of trying to book a table for two at a romantic dinner, try a more unconventional route. Here are our top 7 unique Valentine’s Day ideas and coordinating destinations for an uncommercialized February 14th.


Staycation Scavenger Hunt

Set up clues around the house that eventually lead to a packed suitcase, then out the front door, and eventually driving over to your home away from home for a romantic night together.

Where to: Continue the scavenger hunt at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Tuscany Village, Orlando, FL


Escape Room

Have you tried one yet? What’s more romantic than finding clues to solve a puzzle in order to escape together? Schedule a thrilling, couple’s-building adventure for the ultimate Valentine’s Day rush!

Where to Escape: Escape to San Diego, CA and stay at the Hilton Grand Vacations Club at MarBrisa


Night at the Museum

Many museums have evening programs and special events that make for a unique night out together. If you’re in New York, check out the Guggenheim’s Art After Dark event, complete with truffles and bubbly.

Where to Appreciate Art: Plan a romantic getaway to New York City and enjoy the luxury of West 57th Street by Hilton Club

Elder women during art gallery opening


Ghost Tour

You can find a ghost tour in just about every big city. Go out for a drink beforehand and enjoy keeping each other safe from all that goes bump in the night!

Where to Get Spooky: Travel to Portland, Oregon for the #2 Ghost Tour in the Western U.S. and get cuddly at the iconic Hilton Portland Downtown.


Themed Dinner and Movie Night

Make a pot of cassoulet while watching Midnight in Paris. Or, savor your favorite pasta dish, followed by snuggling on the couch enjoying Roman Holiday.

Where to Spend the Night: Keep warm by the fire at the Valdoro Mountain Lodge in Breckenridge, CO.


Go Glamping

Decide to spend an evening together among the trees. Cozy up in a high-end, platform tent, and count the stars.

Where to Snuggle Under the Stars: Head to the rugged coast of Big Sur, CA.

Mature couple glamping


Tibetan Singing Bowls Yoga Class

Enjoy an evening of holistic healing combining the sound therapy of singing bowls and the power of yoga.

Where to Savasana: Plan a big splurge this Valentine’s Day and head to the Big Island, Hawaii where you can enjoy yoga outside under the palm trees.


Instead of spending money on boxed chocolates, greeting cards, and pricey, prix fixe dinners, chose an unparalleled route instead. Spending time together with an unconventional activity in a romantic destination will certainly bring couples closer this Valentine’s Day.


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