Overhead view of much needed travel purchases.

All the effort that goes into packing, unpacking, and mountains of laundry are all worth it when you’re still glowing from an unforgettable vacation. Sure, we all want the tedious logistics of preparing for travel to be simple and streamlined. Luckily, there are unique travel purchases that help make our preparations a bit more stress free.

Here is our list of our favorite 17 unique and useful travel purchases.

Hanging Toiletry Organizer

Why clutter your vacation room counter, when you can hang your toiletries on the back of the door for easy access? Keep your hotel room feeling clutter-free, so you can stay more relaxed.

Writer’s Notebook

Who said all writing and reading has to be done on screens? Invest in a beautiful journal to capture your favorite vacation memories, silly things your kids say at the pool, or sketch your sunset view out your balcony.

Product photo of a leather notebook for travel.

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Lingerie Bags

These useful bags are great for your smallest travel items such as socks, underwear, and bathing suits. Bring one for clean items, and one to wash! Or one for bathing suits and one for undies!

External Phone Charger

When traveling, there may be times when you are caught without an outlet to charge your phone. Try this compact external phone charger to give you a little help on your journey!


A Suitcase That Can Charge Your Phone

The eversleek, ever tech-savvy, Away luggage can keep your electronics charged during long layovers, and trips overseas.

Product photo of a tech savvy roller suitcase with USB charging for long trips.

Photo Credit: Away Luggage


Handmade Luggage Tags

This unique travel purchase makes for a great wedding shower gift. We love these leather luggage tags using coordinate points. You can include the longitude and latitude of your wedding location.

Product image of a unique leather travel luggage tag.

Photo Credit: Etsy


Scarf with a Zipper Pocket

The money belt is an accessory of the past to hide your cash and Passport. Keep your valuables extra safe in a secret pocket inside this infinity scarf. Perfect gift for winter travel!

Packing Cubes

Do you love an organized suitcase with plenty of room to spare? Try these packing cubes to maximize your space in your carry-on!

A Leather Cord & Cable Organizer

Cords, earphones, and other cables, can get tangled very easily inside your carry-on bag. Organize them, and they can stay in great shape for many trips to come!

Anywhere Travel Guide Game

Use these interactive prompts to make your next trip an adventure!

Product photo of anywhere travel guide cards.

Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods

Travel Wallet

This travel wallet is perfect to hold your Passport, credit card, and airline tickets! Leave the library card and grocery discount cards at home!


Product photo of travel wallet and passport holder.

Photo Credit: Amazon


Compression Space Saver For Packing

No vacuum needed! These are fantastic bags to save more space in your luggage. Great for at home too!

Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

The Vumos leak-proof bottles can hold your favorite shampoo, conditioner, lotions, or whatever makes you feel at home when you are traveling. TSA-approved.

Trtl Neck Pillow

Ditch the bulky or blow up neck pillows and opt for a truly comfortable Trtl, so you can actually sleep on a plane.

Travel Adaptor

For the world traveler, the Tumi 4-port USB supports electrical outlets from 150 countries. Several devices can be charged at the same time!

Collapsible Water Bottle

The Nomader collapsible water bottle is virtually indestructible, and can become your best friend on the road. Rolls right up to about the size of your fist when you are done drinking.

Wifi Hotspot

The Skyroam Solis might be the most useful travel purchase you make! It’s a portable Wifi hotspot that offers unlimited 4G LTE service without having to worry about cell data overages or big fees. Purchase the device and then get day passes for $8 per day. You can hook up five devices at a time! This is great for family or group travel, since you can hook up the whole crew!

Product photo of a wifi hotspot made for travel.

Photo Credit: Amazon

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