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Even with the convenience of 2-day free shipping, you still don’t want to forget something important on a well-planned vacation. Sure it might be fun to spend the first day shopping for a bathing suit you forgot, or a pair of sandals you left by the front door of your house, but your day would be much better spent relaxing poolside with a good book and a craft cocktail. Plus, who wants to pay two to three times the price for a bottle of sunscreen? We’ve put together two lists: our Ultimate Summer Vacation Packing List (that you can download below) and our list of “10 Things You Certainly Want to Pack for Summer Vacation”.

Fun Float

Unicorns to flamingos to giant bling rings. Pool floats have gotten really entertaining and creative lately. Why not add a bit of flair to the pool scene by bringing your own inflatable pool float? Strawberry frosted donuts to tacos to floating pizzas sliced for 8 swimmers. Even bull riding inflatables can all fold up nicely in your suitcase ready to make the pool a more colorful and relaxing place.

*Some properties, like a few of the Orlando area resorts, sell some poolside too.

A Bestseller

Isn’t a new book complete with real pages (not digital ones) one of the best smells? Cracking open the cover and burying your nose inside to take in the fresh ink and paper can bring a sense of serenity. But with all the demands of your daily routine, your enticing novel might only get a little attention here and there as you drift off to sleep at night. A vacation might provide the best time to dive into a good book. In fact, you might spend a full day on your unicorn float devouring the pages. Check out goodreads lists for best travel books, and best books for book clubs.

A New Pair of Socks

Even if you are traveling to a warm-weather destination, it might be chilly inside your room at night. Also, according to by the National Sleep Foundation, wearing socks to bed can help you fall asleep faster. Besides putting on a brand new pair of wooly slippers, nothing beats the comfort of sliding on a fresh pair of socks.

Hat + Sunglasses

Wide-brimmed. Floppy. Baseball caps. Whatever your style, pack one. Hats can be tricky to pack since they can easily get crushed inside your suitcase, so consider packing it in a carry-on bag, or even just wearing it on the plane. Make sure you pair your hat with sunglasses. Rays from the sun can burn your eyes if not protected!

Mist Me

From seat 32C to the warm sands of Miami, you will want to feel refreshed. Try the Evian Travel Trio for TSA approved bottles to keep your face and neck feeling hydrated.

Dry Shampoo

The opposite problem of hydration can happen right on top of your head. If your hair gets greasy easily (especially in summer weather), try using dry shampoo to give your mane the look of clean, just showered hair.

Eye Drops

Flights, hotel air conditioning, and hot desert air can all lead to dry, red eyes. Eye drops can soothe allergies, and add moisture back into your vision.

Hand Sanitizer + Baby Wipes

Even if you don’t have a baby, wet wipes are so ideal to have around. Wiping down dirty tables at the beach, spills, and sticky fingers are all jobs for wipes. Just in case you aren’t near a place to wash your hands, pocket hand sanitizer can also come to the rescue.

Reusable Water Bottle

If you are flying, pack an empty bottle in your carry-on so you can keep your hydration up before and well after your flight. Bottles like Hydro Flask can stay cold and warm for hours. These bottles are great to have at the beach, going hiking, or a day under the sun at Walt Disney World.

Travel Apps

Take a little time to load your smartphone with a few apps to help make your trip run as smoothly as possible. Waze for traffic and directions. DuoLingo for language. XE Currency for money conversion if you are traveling overseas. In fact, check out our story Nine Apps for the Organized Traveler to see what topped our list. Even downloading a game or two on your phone can help save room in your suitcase.

Of course one of the benefits of traveling with Hilton Grand Vacation is that we have you covered should you forget an item or two. Things such as toothpaste and toothbrushes can be requested at the front desk if needed. Don’t forget that HGV also has laundry detergent, kitchen supplies, and hair dryers to help save valuable suitcase space and to make you feel at home, away from home.

A checklist for summer packing.


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