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“Actually the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures….”

-Lewis Carroll, Alice and Wonderland

For those with wanderlust, the gift of a getaway will always be the best present. But a close second on a traveler’s list is a gift they can take with them on their next adventure. Whether it be to a private beach, a desert hideaway, or sipping hot chocolate in a ski chalet, we’re sharing a must-have gift guide for travelers.

A Scratch-Off Map

Combine your love of travel into a beautiful (and personalized) work of art. Hanging a scratch-off map on your wall will be a great conversation starter at dinner parties, and a visual reminder of the places you’ve gone (and places still on your bucket list).

Scratch off map on the world

(Photo Credit: TravelScratcher)

TravelScratcher $32

Cord Clams and Tacos

No, not an edible gift! Perfect for travelers to help keep all of your cords neat and tidy. These cord keepers are made with high quality leather, metal snaps, and have a vintage look to them. Now you can keep your headphones, phone charger, laptop charger, camera charger, even your curling iron cords all in order and tangle free.

Hide & Drink Rustic Cord Keeper

FIBOUND 10pcs Cord Keeper- $6.99

Pixter Smartphone Wide Angle Pro Lens

Insead of carrying around a separate carry-on to include a DSLR camera, consider this lens to work alongside your smartphone. The Pixter lens can take your travel photography to the next level at a fraction of the price that a DSLR camera can cost you. It simply hooks onto your phone.

Pixter Wide Angle Pro Lens

(Photo Credit: Pixter)

Pixter Wide Angle Pro $54.90

Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

No more frying your power outlet by using a hair dryer or flat iron again! A travel adapter and surge protector are combined into one with the Bestek. Comes with adapters for 150 countries and seven ports for charging (3 outlets and 4 USB).

Bestek Universal Travel Adapter

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Bestek Universal Travel Adapter $39.99

A Globe You Can Stick Pins In

If you prefer 3-dimensional to a flat map of the world, a cork globe allows travels to track their journeys using pins. You can even color code and include string to track your flight paths on each trip. A cork globe is a beautiful addition to a traveler’s home and a gift guide favorite.

Cork Globe

(Photo Credit: Uncommon Goods)

Cork Globe $48.00 – $124.00

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Bose noise cancelling headphones have been a staple travel gift for years. This newer model is much more than a pair of comfort, silencing headphones. They are wireless, but also come with a cord so you can keep listening even when the Bluetooth battery dies. This tech gadget also has a built-in Google Assistant that allows you to vocally queue up music, receive texts, manage your daily tasks, and get answers no matter where you are. Smart headphones!

Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones II

(Photo Credit:

Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones II  $349.00

Cambiani Interchangeable T-Strap Sandals

If you know a traveler that needs a different pair of shoes for each outfit, the perfect gift is the Cambiani Interchangeable T-Strap Sandals. The founder, Diane Licht once found herself packing 10 pairs of sandals for a 12-day trip to Greece and she knew there had to be better way. These stylish, genius, and comfortable leather-soled (with memory foam) sandals come with interchangeable t-straps you can swap out. Not only are you gifting your favorite traveler stylish shoes, but also a much lighter suitcase!

Cambiani Interchangeable T-Strap Sandal

(Photo Credit:

Cambiani Interchangeable T-Strap Sandals $128.00

Trtl Pillow

This might be the best travel pillow out there. The secret to a Trtl (pronounced ‘turtle’) is the internal support system hidden inside super soft fleece. The Trtl is half the size of a traditional neck pillow, and is much more stylish; looking like a cozy scarf.

Trtl Pillow

(Photo Credit:

Trtl Pillow $29.99

Germ Fighting Balm

Travelers don’t have time to get sick. So when your seatmate begins to cough and sneeze, you need to be prepared. Regular hand sanitizer isn’t going to cut it flying during cold and flu season. Traveler’s Protection Balm creates a shield of essential oils to fight against environmental assaults. Rub the balm under your nostrils and hands to block out germs on your next flight. It also hydrates, so apply on hands, face, and neck while on the plane to prevent drying out.

Travelers Protection Balm

(Photo Credit: The Lost Explorer)

Travelers Protection Balm $36

Stretchy Laces

To save a little time in endless security lines, stretchy laces make the perfect stocking stuffer. Simply replace your regular laces with stretchy laces and you will never have to un-tie and tie your shoes again!

Stretchy Laces

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Stretchy Laces from $5.99

A Tiny Iron

Perfect for backpacking through Europe. With this gift, gone are the wrinkly outfits stuffed in your suitcase. You can iron and steam to keep your clothes looking like they were always hung up in your closet at home.

Steamfast Mini Iron

(Photo Credit:

Steamfast Mini Iron $17.99

Travel Quotes Passport Holder

Since passports last 10 years, you don’t want to go trendy with a passport cover. Instead, classic leather bound covers complete with an inspiring travel quote will keep passports protected and personalized.  

Passport Cover with Quote

(Photo Credit: Etsy)

Passport Cover with Quote $27.00+

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring isn’t just for kids. It’s proven that coloring promotes relaxation, so if you know a nervous flyer a coloring book might just do the trick to help get through long, anxious flights. Add in a set of colored pencils and these beautiful pictures from around the world will bring entertainment and enjoyment while traveling, or at home dreaming about your next vacation.

Lonely Planet, travel coloring book

(Photo Credit:

Ultimate Travel Coloring Book (Lonely Planet) $8.64

Travel Wrap

If your favorite traveler likes to look fashionable on a plane, a travel wrap is the perfect gift. This travel wrap, shawl, scarf, and travel blanket all-in-one not only provides a stylish look but also adds comfort and warmth on the road. This wrap even has a built-in neck warmer!

HappyLuxe Wayfarer Travel Wrap

(Photo Credit:

HappyLuxe Wayfarer Travel Wrap $34.00

Away Luggage

Simple, sleek, and most importantly, indestructible, the design of Away Luggage is quickly becoming a cult favorite of suitcase brands. There are a variety of colors to choose from. The luggage also comes equipped with a built-in USB charger (also removable to comply with airport regulations).

Away Travel Luggage Carry-On

(Photo Credit: Away Travel)

Away Travel Luggage Carry-On $245

Unique Luggage Tag

A perfect gift for a traveler with an upcoming destination wedding. These rustic leather luggage tags are engraved with the longitude and latitude coordinates of your choice. So if the wedding registry is already picked over, why not think outside of the box and get them a gift they will treasure on their suitcase for many trips to come.

(Photo Credit:

Leather Luggage Tag from LeatherWorks Design $27.00+

World Subscription Box

If the gift-getter loves to travel, but might not have a big trip coming up, a world subscription box is a great travel gift that doesn’t require leaving home. The most satisfying way to get to know a place is through its food, and Try the World curates a selection of snacks ingredients, and beverages from a different country each month. Instead of the Hickory Farms box this holiday season, a foodie travel box is a much better choice.

Try The World Subscription Box

(Photo Credit: Try the World)

Try the World Subscription Box $39.00/month

A Great Travel Gift for the Kids

To inspire the next generation of travelers, Little Passports monthly travel kit subscriptions is the perfect gift to spark a wanderlust in kids. Each box promotes kids to explore a new country or world theme each month, with souvenirs and hands-on activities.

(Photo Credit: Little Passports)

Little Passports Monthly Travel Kit – Starts at $12.95/month

Every traveler will appreciate gifts to help make their adventures away from home run smoothly. We hope our gift guide of travel products make shopping for your traveler a breeze! Which gift did you choose?

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