Timeshare owner taking advantage of the gym to workout while on vacation.

Does this sound familiar? At home you’ve put together a pretty good fitness and health routine. You can exercise multiple times per week and you’ve become a huge fan of a farmers’ market in your neighborhood. You feel strong and healthy as your family departs for vacation. Unfortunately, during the next week, you aren’t exercising and your food plan turns from farm-fresh to fast food. By the time you return home, you feel sluggish with little motivation to go back to the gym. A cough and runny nose sneak up on you and delays any plans of returning to spin class anytime soon. By the time you feel better, it’s like having to start building your healthy routines all over again.

Timeshare owners aren’t the travelers experiencing this vicious cycle. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), 9 out of 10 timeshare owners stated they perform fitness activities on vacation. “Timeshare owners know they have more opportunities to take part in fitness activities while on vacation,” said Peter Roth, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Industry Relations at ARDA.

Why is it easier for timeshare owners to stay healthy and fit while on vacation?

All of our HGV properties offer gyms and many of our resorts offer other fitness options, such as group classes, water aerobics, yoga, and more. Also, have you read our article, Best Workout Apps? Convenience at your fingertips and the space to do so.

Renovated gym facility at Hilton Grand Vacations at Tuscany Village for timeshare owners to workout while on vacation.

Here are four reasons why timeshares offer the best workout options for travelers.

More Space

The average unit size of a timeshare is over 1,000 square feet! Compare that to 300-500 in a typical hotel room. So, with more available space, you can roll out that yoga mat and even jump rope in your vacation home. Since HGV units have so much space, you can get in an early morning workout without disturbing your snoozing travel partners.

Longer Stays

Since typically Owners are staying somewhere longer, they will have more opportunities to get in a workout. A morning swim at the pool in Las Vegas, yoga class under the stars in Hawaii, or a few miles on the treadmill before dinner, are all conveniences Owners find at HGV properties.

Eat This. Not That.

Beautiful, fully-stocked kitchens. Need we say more? Owners can talk to our front desk staff to discover farmers’ markets nearby, or where to find the best produce. Avoiding eating out at every meal on vacation will help you continue established healthy routines from home. Eating healthy will give you more energy to workout during your holiday.

Activities + Adventures

Many of our Resorts provide members with fitness-related activities and other adventure pursuits. Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Tuscany Village, for example, has daily activities such as a morning aqua boot camp. Our on-property concierge can help plan the perfect adventure too. Trade in the treadmill for a hike up Diamond Head in Hawaii for an exciting cardio-filled day.  

Hiking not on your vacation list? There are more ways to stay active that don’t involve leaving the property. Rent free basketballs or tennis racquets at the activities center in Florida for a game or two on our courts.

Timeshare owners taking advantage of the hiking around Hawaii to workout while on vacation.


Cheers to Your Health

“Owners know that exercising while on vacation allows you to relax much deeper, which makes for an overall better vacation experience. Whether you want to enjoy exclusive local fitness and recreational activities or prepare healthier meals in the in-unit kitchen, timeshare owners have these options,” Peter Roth of ARDA said.

There are so many adventures to experience at Hilton Grand Vacations Resorts. We want to make sure you feel your best before, during, and well after your stay with us. Working out and eating healthy at HGV is so convenient and part of our Owners’ lifestyles. Don’t worry, if you are ready to make a new resolution to exercise more and eat healthy, HGV can be your jumpstart platform to fitness and well-being.

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