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Traveling with kids can be filled with magic and discovery. From exposure to new cultures to the development of new talents, there is a lot for a child to gain while making lifelong memories. Here is exactly how your vacation ownership has such a positive and long-lasting impact on your youngest travelers. Let the adventure begin!

“Don’t just tell your children about the world. Show them.” – Unknown


Exposure to Cultures

The old thought of timeshares being all about ‘the same place, same week’, is way out of style. You can design your own vacation plan to change locations year after year. Traveling offers your kids a variety of educational experiences and can give your child an even greater idea of what is really going on in the world they live in.

By the time your kids reach high school they may have traveled to 15 different countries, embracing a new culture, language, and cuisine on each trip. From the hula in Hawaii to a traditional tea ceremony in Japan, cultural experiences can open a whole new world of appreciation and knowledge for your kids.

Hula Sisters Dance in Hawaiian Sunset

Educational Experiences
Traveling can bring a child’s school textbook to life. Touring the ruins of ancient Rome, seeing the paintings and sculptures at the British Museum, and a walk across the Great Wall of China gives kids a visual idea and appreciation of the past.

Roman Forum or Forum of Caesar, in Rome, Italy

A Sense of Wonder
Don’t we all want to regain our childlike sense of wonder? When we see our kid’s eyes light up and jump up and down at the sight of a dolphin surfing on ocean waves, or riding a ski lift to the top of Breckenridge Mountain for the first time, we feel almost jealous of their carefree joy.

Hopefully, this sense of wonder can ease the novelty of smartphones and screens. After seeing the natural and human-made wonders around our world, don’t we hope that this thirst for knowledge and wonder will continue to escalate? No Snapchat or Fortnite required.

family sitting in ski lift

Each vacation continues building upon this natural curiosity kids are born with. Soon enough kids will want to be a part of the travel planning process to find a new destination, new tourist attraction, and even that hard to track down food truck.


Acquire New Skills

Sometimes it takes an amazing vacation to open up new opportunities and skills for kids to want to try. Knowledge learned while traveling can stay a part of you through adulthood. This list can be endless, but here are a few ideas to get you started:  

  1. Learning survival skills while camping in a national park
  2. Learning a foreign language
  3. Discovering a new sport you’ve never heard of
  4. Navigating maps
  5. Building confidence and social skills meeting new people

Daughter and mother hiking in forest and using compass

A Special Connection with Family
Everyone gets busy with work, homework, after-school activities, and chores. Adults and kids can lose patience with one another while caught up in the day-to-day. Sometimes it takes a vacation away from typical routines to reconnect with family. Put cell phones and laptops away and depart on a vacation with no tight schedules, and plenty of poolside play. It’s a great thing that timeshares have so much extra space to keep everyone in the family relaxed.


A New Extended Family
Team Members become family. Being able to reconnect with their favorite lifeguard at the pool, or the housekeeper who makes the best towel animals can be something huge to look forward to, and value.

Show your kids the world from the comforts of home. There is an incredible impact of timeshare on your kids, so it’s time to let the adventure begin!

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