A bowl of Frogmore Stew

Now before you move on to the next blog story, Frogmore Stew does NOT include any frogs. In fact, it isn’t a stew either. Frogmore Stew, a classic South Carolina inspired dish is also known as Low-Country Boil. The catchy name is from a place that has just one post-office box and one country store. Frogmore is the mailing address for the residents of St. Helena Island just off the South Carolina coast.

Similar to a Louisiana Crawfish Boil, Frogmore Stew has two main ingredients: fresh shrimp and corn on the cob. Simply go from there, and add in anything that tastes great when boiled: potatoes, crab, sausage, to name a few.

Frogmore Stew is a fan-favorite at Charleston restaurants, and on the Carolina coast. This lowcountry boil is best served on paper plates, with a red and white checker-covered picnic table, and of course accompanied with a cold lager.

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Try this Frogmore Stew recipe on your next vacation with us!

Frogmore Stew (aka Lowcountry Shrimp Boil)

Prep Time: 15 minutes (plus time to boil the water)

Cook Time: 35 minutes

Enjoyed By: 8 people


  • 1 ½ gallons of water
  • Freshly squeezed lemon juice from one lemon
  • 3 tablespoons Old Bay Seasoning
  • 4 pounds uncooked, jumbo-sized shrimp, in-shell
  • 10-12 ears of shucked corn on the cob (broken into 3-inch pieces)
  • Small red potatoes (24 – 30 potatoes depending on size)
  • 2 pounds spicy andouille OR kielbasa sausage, cut into ½ inch slices
  • Salt to taste

**You can add fresh crab (in shell) or substitute the shrimp for crab.


  1. In a very large stock pot over medium-high heat, add the water, lemon, salt, and Old Bay Seasoning. Bring to boil.
  2. Add potatoes and boil for 20 minutes. Potatoes should be soft enough to be easily pierced with a fork.
  3. Add sausage and boil, uncovered, 5 minutes.
  4. Add corn and continue boiling an additional 5 minutes
  5. Add shrimp and cook for another 5 minutes longer.
  6. Remove from heat and drain immediately.
  7. Serve on summer-themed paper plates with plenty of paper towels. Actually, you might want to get a few bibs too!
  8. Note: This is a messy dish to eat with your hands. No utensils necessary!

Beer Pairing: Complete your meal of Frogmore Stew with cold beers from South Carolina’s Westbrook Brewing Company. Try the One Claw Pale Ale to partner perfectly with your meal.

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