Dorothy Iannone's I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door mural located in New York.

“Street art tourism” is capturing attention lately, and it’s no surprise why.

What was once a blank canvas, a forgotten warehouse or even a small alley tucked behind more prominent street names, is now a space for inspiration. Street art can give a voice to the voiceless and create conversations all around their bold colors and local uniqueness. And of course these public art spaces have already become #instafamous on Instagram.

Public art is out and about, waiting for you look at or have an unforgettable experience with. Come visit these must see public art murals on your next city vacation.

Wynwood Walls

Miami, Florida

The Wynwood Walls are a fairly confined section of walls painted by some of the most world-renowned public artists. Their founder, the late Tony Goldman, arrived to the simple idea: “Wynwood’s large stock of warehouse buildings, all with no windows, would be my giant canvases to bring them to the greatest street art ever seen in one place.” Goldman’s goal was to create a center people could gravitate to, where they could explore and have something inspirational to talk about. The Wynwood Walls has brought the world’s greatest artists of street art and graffiti together, truly becoming a museum of the streets.

Photo of the Lamborghini Huracan near a mural in Wynwood, Miami

Photo courtesy of @the_radonculous

Venice Art Walls

Venice Beach, CA (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles is marked by a history of legal and illegal art covering the city. The legal includes the famed art space, Venice Art Walls, where graffiti art meets one of the most iconic Southern California beaches. Located in the heart of the Venice Beach boardwalk, you’ll find vibrant street art, murals, and traditional as well as modern graffiti. “For the people and by the people.” The Venice Art Walls are a free space to graffiti artists, street artists, and any other creative minds. So next time you are in Los Angeles, bring your paints and use this medium to express your own creative side.

The High Line

New York City

What was once an old train line track, now sits one of the most beautiful outdoor experiences in New York City. The High Line is a serene place to walk and take in city views, but it is also a locale presenting a wide array of artwork. High Line Art invites artists to think of creative ways to engage with the uniqueness of the architecture, history, and design, all while building community within the surrounding neighborhood. Come see one of the current pieces “I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door.” And don’t forget to look into the neighborhood from your view high up on the High Line. This is one of our favorites!

Photo of a mural near The High Line in New York

Photo courtesy of Rebecca Thompson

The Entire City!

Lisbon, Portugal

Where is the must see public art in Lisbon? Well, just about everywhere you look! This Portuguese city has become an open air museum, proudly showcasing eye-catching murals, many of which were sanctioned by the city. In addition to the giant murals found all over the city, keep your camera ready to capture all of the pops of color on neighborhood doors. Bright doors against old stone buildings and scattered flowers make for an incredible background in a vacation memento photo. Finally, a visit to Underdogs Gallery is a must. This cultural platform aims at creating space within the contemporary art scene for artists connected with this visual culture.

Novel Stonewall Station & Camp North End

Charlotte, North Carolina

Public art murals are all over Charlotte, and are becoming an ‘amenity’ in urban dwellings. Inside the courtyard of Novel Stonewall, five monumental works of art are being constructed. The bright colors and sheer beauty of these dwelling walls is spectacular. The next time you are in Charlotte, make sure to visit Camp North End. Once a site to produce Model Ts and Army missiles, this 76-acre historic industrial site now serves as a hub for creativity and innovation in the heart of the city.

Photo of a mural in Charlotte, North Carolina near the Novel Stonewall Station.

Photo courtesy of

Mural Festival

Montreal, Canada

For the ultimate public art experience, why not attend Montreal’s MURAL Festival? This 11-day event is all about celebrating the urban art movement by gathering the global artistic community. Visual artists and world class musicians collaborate for a cultural celebration in the heart of Montreal on the Saint-Laurent Boulevard.

A piece of building art during the Montreal Mural Festival.

Photo courtesy of

We all know that travel can better people’s lives. We also believe that art has that same superpower. Art can help define us by adding color and energy to our surroundings and leave us feeling inspired. On your next city vacation, go on your own scavenger hunt to get lost and discover must-see public art.

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