bachelor party in las vegas

The bachelor party entourage has landed.

Jokes aside, there is no better Vegas property than Elara. For those uninitiated to the marvel of the Elara, the tower of suites sits atop the expansive Miracle Mile complex with a Starbucks in the lobby, a private pool on the side and the rest of the strip in its 360° vicinity.

There is no better location for a quick walk to grandest casinos, the hottest parties, craziest music festivals and the most convenient shopping experience. Before attending the owner update, I stopped by the pool and enjoyed a few drinks in one of their cabanas. Prior to our arrival, our concierge welcomed us with the opportunity to buy VIP passes for club entry. It was too good of a deal to pass on! They also offered $100 in dining gift cards in exchange for an hour of my time to do an owner update and learn about their new resort offerings. The entire bachelor party was stunned by the 3-bedroom suite.

I actually fell asleep in the daybed as it was the perfect escape from the tireless Vegas rave. Each cabana was served attentively by staff and the outdoor bar pricing, ranging from smoothies to liquor, were very inexpensive for Vegas standards.

I am the planner of the group and thus, leaving the guys to stray the Las Vegas strip, while I handle business, can only mean mayhem. Never would I have thought that grown men would be enjoying bottomless mimosas. Yes – fancy orange juice.

At some point, we ended up at the Stratosphere High Roller for open bar and one of the best views of Vegas. In short, nothing will probably go according to plan – have fun; embrace the chaos!

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