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Carefree. Spontaneous. Flexible.

Traveling in your 20s can seem, well, easy!

Your 30s, however, can certainly embrace an uptick in responsibility. Whether it be career advancement, starting a family, or other personal commitments, it can be a challenge, and even stressful, to plan vacations during this busy decade.

Feeling envious of your past as a happy-go-lucky, adventurous twenty-something-year-old? Just remember it doesn’t have to be a hostel-hopping, and Nutella sandwich eating vacation. Sure, it’s a right of passage, but you’ve earned a few luxuries to enjoy in your next decade. Exploring the globe in your thirties can open you up to life-altering self-discovery, new cuisine, and cultural immersion you may not have visualized in the previous decade. You are ready to embrace travel with a new lens, keeping these three things a priority:

  1. A bit more space and luxury
  2. Stay within a responsible budget
  3. Trying to fit in a vacation with a busy and stressful schedule

Let HGV help organize your well-deserved vacations.  

Are you ready to travel further in your thirties? Here are five reasons to own with HGV and embrace your desire to get to know the world (and yourself) better.

No More “Not Yets” – Visit 30 Countries in Your 30s

Since HGV is a points-based program, Owners have the flexibility to travel to the best locations around the world. Not only can you stay at Hilton Grand Vacations resort properties, but you can also convert your points with Hilton Honors, and stay at any of the Hilton Family of Brands properties.

There is an exciting thirst for knowledge and unique, mind-blowing experiences in your thirties. Order a pin or scratch world map from Etsy to hang above your dining table, and let HGV help you explore the world. HGV doesn’t limit you to one location, one week per year. Make a goal to visit 30 new countries around the globe in your 30s!  

Budget Factor

Even if your salary is higher in your 30s compared with your 20s, you shouldn’t throw budget out the window. Traveling with HGV can allow you to spend less on accommodations, but at the same time, never sacrificing location and luxury. Here are just a few ways HGV can help keep you in check with your budget:

  1. A timeshare points-based ownership allows you to pay for future vacations at today’s prices.  
  2. As long as you aren’t tied to a school calendar, you can travel in the off-season to maximize your points.
  3. Share your ownership with friends or other family members
  4. A full kitchen to prepare breakfast each morning
  5. Multiple bedrooms and bathrooms
  6. Discounts at local restaurants and popular attractions and experiences
  7. Maximize your vacation potential with affiliations! Private yachts, RV and motorcycle rental, even go on safari!

A New Level of Luxury

It’s certainly a sense of accomplishment to look back on your days sharing a hotel room with five other friends, or a hostel with 20 strangers, and realize that you are ready and able to enjoy more space and finer things in your travel life. HGV can be your spacious home away from home while you travel. No cramming necessary.

Inspiration to Travel More

Commitment. Your 30s can be a decade filled with dedication. Your job. A life partner. A growing family. Friendships. Of course with all of these personal commitments in your life, it might seem more difficult to set aside time to travel. Ownership with HGV is an investment – an investment in future vacations. So once you are an Owner, you can simply load the HGV app on your phone, sync it to your calendar, and never will another year go by where you didn’t make time to take a vacation.

30-Somethings Like to Share

No, we aren’t referring to packing too many people in a hotel room! So many milestones can happen in your 30s. Weddings, baby showers, babymoons, family reunions, anniversaries, graduations, job promotions, and more. Owning a timeshare in your thirties can provide you with the ultimate gift to share with others. Instead of buying off the registry for your best friend’s upcoming wedding, gift the bride to be, a girlfriend getaway to unwind before saying, “I do.”

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Your thirties are an exciting time filled with personal and professional achievements. Don’t let travel slip through the cracks during this ‘blink-of-an-eye’ decade. Hilton Grand Vacations is the perfect fit for 30-somethings to travel further, all while keeping up with responsibilities and life commitments.

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