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Our mission is to put people first, and as a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner you’re at the heart of everything we do. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with two of our Owners, the Palmby’s. Needless to say, the passion and energy these two shared about their vacation ownership with Hilton Grand Vacations is both heartwarming and contagious.

Here are a few of the Palmby’s most cherished experiences during their last 10 years as part of the Hilton Grand Vacations family.

The Vacationeer: What is your history with Hilton Grand Vacations?

The Palmby’s: We never intended to purchase a timeshare. We were Hilton Honors members and were offered the 3-night/4-day package with HGV. We were traveling to Las Vegas and decided to try it out. During the presentation, we were opened to a whole new world of travel. Once we realized the value of owning a vacation program where you can travel the world, stay in consistently beautiful properties, have a gorgeous kitchen, and space for family, we were sold.

We started with a lower amount of points in our ownership to get our feet wet, and have since upgraded over the years to become Premiere Elite status with the brand.

The Vacationeer: Why do you own with HGV?

The Palmby’s: HGV has become another avenue of our retirement program. We love to travel (and use all of our points every year!) and enjoy having the flexibility to bring family and friends with us. The reservations team is amazing and so easy to book with, although we are booking online more and more as well. If we need a two or three-room suite, it’s simple to use points to have larger accommodations. It’s so nice to feel at home on vacation and not have to worry if something stops working- the maintenance and engineering staff at HGV are incredible, fast, and hard working. Owning with HGV is part of our lifestyle and so much more than just owning a condo or second home. We have built a community of friends. It’s so nice to be able to invite new friends over to our condo for dinner.

The Vacationeer: What does the term ‘timeshare’ mean to you?

The Palmby’s: We think it’s an incorrect term. In our generation, it had a different meaning. You bought into a specific property where you had to travel during the same timeframe each year and stay in the same condo unit. It just isn’t that way; at all! It’s a vacation ownership. A club, or community. You can go anywhere in the world. You can use your points to stay at all of the Hilton Grand Vacation properties. But, you can also use your points to stay with all hotels within the Hilton Family of Brands. You can even use your points to rent an RV, go on a cruise, rent a sailboat- it’s endless. Being a Hilton Grand Vacations Owner not only allows us to travel, but it’s also a way to create a wonderful community of friends. These friends all have something in common – a love of travel.

The Vacationeer: What are some of your favorite vacation destinations?

The Palmby’s: Our favorite is Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld. The staff is beyond incredible and many have worked on property since opening. They are like family to us, and the resort is another home to us. We checked in this past December and aren’t checking out until March!

We also love the Breckenridge property. The resort is gorgeous and the town of Breckenridge has so much to offer visitors. We would eventually love to use our points to travel to Italy and Scotland.

The Vacationeer: You recently hosted a Team Member appreciation holiday party. Can you share more about that experience?

The Palmby’s: We can’t say enough about how much we love Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld. Although we say thank you whenever a Team Member helps us, checks us in, waits on us, mixes a great cocktail or fixes something in the condo there are so many more people that do so much behind the scenes. The Team Members are like family, and we wanted to give back to show how much we appreciate them working their hardest for us 365 days a year.

So we talked to management and explained what we would like to do to show our appreciation.  I think they were surprised at first, but happy that we wanted to do something for the entire staff.  We all like to feel appreciated, and this staff deserved to know it!

Mrs. Palmby: One of my favorite things is getting a freshly made bed at night (a service offered for an additional fee) after a hard day of relaxing by the pool, and I often think of the people who work tirelessly making sure our sheets are cleaned and pressed so the housekeeping staff can make up those perfect HGV beds in our rooms! This is just one example of the people who work hard and never get to see how much we appreciate what they do day in, day out.  

*Their Team Member holiday appreciation party was complete with a vast array of food, beverages, and sweets for the staff to enjoy, sit, and relax.

Hilton Grand Vacations Members, Mr. and Mrs. Palmby, appreciation party for the resort staff.
Hilton Grand Vacations Members, Mr. and Mrs. Palmby, appreciation party cake for the resort staff.
Staff enjoying the Hilton Grand Vacations members, Mr. and Mrs. Palmby, appreciation party.

(Photo Credit: The Palmby’s)

The Vacationeer: What perks can you find with an HGV ownership vs. elsewhere?

The Palmby’s: First off, the staff. We can’t say enough about how hard the entire staff works, and how friendly they are. Yes, the properties are beautiful, but having a staff that bends over backward for every guest is irreplaceable.

Also, the consistency. The properties are gorgeous, safe, offer activities and amenities, and once again, the staff is consistently incredible. There are so many activities for families to share together. For example, at the SeaWorld property, there is a mermaid and shark fin swim program at the pool. There is also a movie theater.

Since you are buying points (not a specific condo unit) you increase your benefits as you own more points. We started small, and are now Elite Premiere members. We receive 10% discounts on food and beverage and there are no reservation fees.

The Vacationeer: Can you share tips on how to use your points?

The Palmby’s: The best value is to use your points at a Hilton Grand Vacations resort property. You can also easily convert your points to stay at any Hilton Brand hotel. If you want to travel with friends or extended family and you need more space, you can use your points to upgrade your room size. There are also experiences you can use your points for. You can rent a sailboat in the Caribbean. You can rent an RV to visit national parks. The reservations team is incredible, so if you have any questions just call and they will help you plan your trip.

The Vacationeer: Why should a traveler own with Hilton Grand Vacations?

The Palmby’s: This is truly a cost-effective way to travel. For us, the kitchen is what makes this work financially, as well as for our health. The full kitchens are beautiful and have everything we need to cook just like we are at home. If you stayed in a hotel for a few weeks, then you are going out to most of your meals. This can add up financially. It’s also nice for your family to sit together around the dinner table at night.

The core of owning with Hilton Grand Vacations is family. You have the space and amenities to travel with your family, and you make new friends that feel like family.

Thank You, Mr. & Mrs. Palmby,  From Your Family at HGV

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Palmby for sharing your stories with us. We are so honored to have you as a part of our family. We wish you a wonderful rest of your vacation and can’t wait to hear about your travels to Italy and Scotland!


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