River Tay in Dunkeld

Perched on the banks of the River Tay, Dunkeld, Scotland is a true escape from a demanding, on-the-go lifestyle. Dunkeld is just a 13-mile drive from Perth and this storybook village offers visitors a variety of activities on foot or a short ride away.

If Scotland is on your bucket list, or if you have been searching for the perfect place to unplug, a visit to the majestic woods of Dunkeld is a must. Everything is within easy walking distance, which enables you to soak up Dunkeld’s historic charm….and actually relax on your vacation.

Here is our list of the top 10 things to do in Dunkeld, Scotland.


Dunkeld Cathedral

Walking distance from the Hilton Grand Vacations Dunkeld Cottages, towers the majestic Dunkeld Cathedral. Part ruin and part church, the cathedral features the tomb of the notorious ‘Wolf of Badenoch.’ Construction on this cathedral began in the late 1200’s, and was completed before King Henry VIII took the throne!

Dunkeld Cathedral

The Hermitage

Put on your walking shoes and step back in time inside a forest of towering Douglas firs and winding paths leading to the roaring Black Linn Waterfalls. Around every corner, you will be surrounded by colors and sights of the natural world. Bring your binoculars to spot local birds and wildlife such as deer, fox, and an occasional badger.

Ossian’s Hall

Overlooking the falls is the picturesque folly known as Ossian’s Hall built for the second Duke of Atholl in 1758 as the focal point in an extensive designed landscape. Decorated with mirrors, sliding panels, and paintings, it is the perfect place to contemplate the roaring falls.

Canyoning and Rappelling Tours

For an unforgettable adventure in the Dunkeld woods, canyoning and rappelling is a must! Guided full-day and half-day trips are available for everyone, no matter your level of experience. These tours include super warm, high-quality hooded wetsuits, canyoning shoes, socks, gloves, and any other equipment you will need.

Group of people canyoning

Wander Historic Houses

Wander along Cathedral Street and The Cross, where the National Trust for Scotland has restored many of the colorful 17th and 18th century homes. Don’t forget your camera!

Seek & Find at the Atholl Memorial Fountain

Gaze up at the Atholl Memorial Fountain and see how many of the intricate wildlife carvings you can identify.

Leaping Salmon

On your morning or afternoon walks along the lush paths of Dunkeld, look out for salmon a-leaping in the River Tay!

Ell Shop

Pop into the quaint, National Trust’s Ell Shop, packed full of Scottish crafts and traditional sweets.

Land Rover Experience

This five star reviewed TripAdvisor activity is your exclusive opportunity to be immersed in the all-terrain capability of a Land Rover. Whether you attend a half day or full day adventure, you are guaranteed to leave feeling a real sense of achievement.  Each drive is hosted by a qualified instructor, all who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the area. These drives offer the most stunning scenery imaginable in over 70 miles of upland forest and moorland tracks. Check out HGV Owner, Chris’ experience behind the wheel on his recent trip to Dunkeld!

ATV Excursion

Continue your off-road adventure on the back of an ATV. Highland Offroad quad treks cover a wide variety of terrain from wide open forest tracks to steep-sided hills. Suitable for all abilities, the views are stunning, and if you are lucky, you might get to enjoy the local wildlife along the way! Don’t forget your GoPro!

Couple on ATV's

If you are craving a vacation filled with outdoor adventure and fresh, forest air, Dunkeld, Scotland is a clear winner. Step back in time inside this storybook village complete with towering evergreen trees, leaping salmon, and meandering paths where you can stroll with local deer.

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