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“I’m in love with the cities I’ve never been to, and people I’ve never met.” – John Green

Do you agree with YA Author John Green? A new year always means a fresh start, so when the ball drops this New Year’s Eve, will you have your travel resolutions ready? Luckily, for those of us who need a little more time to plan, we have a few extra days to get our resolutions ready as January 29, 2019, is “National Plan for Vacation Day”.

From visiting our national parks to planning a DNA vacation, we’ve put together our diverse list of New Year’s resolutions for travelers!

Give Something Back (Volunteer Tourism)

It doesn’t have to be your entire trip, but make a goal to dedicate one or two days to volunteer tourism. You can give back, immerse yourself in a new culture, and meet friends for life on your next vacation. Here are a few ideas to get you started: volunteer at a local school in Costa Rica, lend a hand on a cacao farm in Belize, a beach clean-up in Hawaii, or even work with a sea turtle conservation in China!


Family Reunion in a New Destination

Instead of planning a family reunion in your hometown, turn it into a vacation instead. Travel to a destination no one has been to before, or take a cruise through the Caribbean! You’ll have fun being together, and experience a new part of the world.

Be a Weekend Warrior

Utilize your weekends to get more travel into your life. Plan short getaways driving distance or a quick flight away from your home. Just 48 hours somewhere can be an eye-opening and refreshing experience.

Join TSA Pre✔

It’s as simple as an online application and an in-person background check. If 2019 will be a big year up in the air, this program offers expedited screening for passengers on domestic flights (and some international flights, too!). You can look forward to bypassing the removal of shoes, laptops, liquids, and reduce your security wait times.

Visit the National Parks

There is so much natural beauty to be discovered right here in the United States. Use your points to rent an RV with PartnerPerks and hit the road exploring our protected sanctuaries.

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Track Your DNA

DNA travel is going to be hot, hot, hot in the new year. If you’ve tracked your DNA lineage, why not plan a trip back to the homeland to walk the same path your ancestors took.

Try an Entirely New Cuisine

Plan your next vacation around the food you’ll eat. Try a cooking class, search out international food trucks, and dine in restaurants where you may not recognize the menu items.

Put Together Your Bucket List (and Actually Start Working On It)

Use the Tripbucket app to help manage your travel bucket list. You can gather new and inspiring ideas, and make sure you stick with your resolutions!

Take a Solo Adventure

Have you ever traveled alone? It’s actually quite rewarding. Follow your own agenda, talk with locals, and spend some time recharging your own batteries.

Go Glamping

Want to sleep under the stars without having to sacrifice your thread count and other comforts? Plan a glamping adventure amongst the pines and be one with nature.


Go on a Private Sailing Vacation

Whether you’re an expert sailor or you’ve never set sail before, make 2019 the year to travel the world by waterway. Transfer your points with PartnerPerks to rent a private yacht to explore the beauty of the open seas.

Travel Kid-Free

Yes, it’s fun to travel with the entire family, but plan one trip in 2019 just for the adults. An adults-only getaway could be just what you need to spend quality time with your partner. It’s top of our list for New Year’s resolutions for travelers!

Go On Safari

Are you ready for the ultimate bucket list item of an African safari? Our safari partner, Tauck, has a variety of dream vacations in several destinations among Africa’s big five.

Get Up Early and Watch the Sunrise

A simple resolution to make, but hitting the snooze on your alarm can always put this plan on the back burner. Make it a goal to open the curtains, walk out to the beach, or simply sit on your balcony curled up in your pajamas and a blanket to start your day with the colors of morning. Remember, you can always take a siesta after lunch (you are on vacation after all!).

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Digital Detox

Declutter the apps on your phone, put it on silent, remove notifications, or just turn it off during your vacation. Give yourself a true break from the glow of your screen and spend more time enjoying the moment you are in.

Earn Your Master’s in the Art of Packing

This is the year where you practice packing just a carry-on. Use a packing app, such as Packing Pro or PackPoint. You’ll free up a lot of storage space at home by not having that giant suitcase you keep lugging around.

Get to Know Geography

Put a map up in your house or placemats with a world map at the table, and start relearning the countries, capitals, and places you can add to your travel list.

Use Up All of Your Vacation Days!

Don’t leave your vacation days unused this year. Make 2019 the year you don’t let any days roll over, or much worse, disappear. Your work-life balance needs this one![image]

Be Spontaneous!

Play the old game of close your eyes and spin the globe. Or try the app Flippity, where you can enter in all of the destinations you’d like to visit into a Google Spreadsheet and let Flippity randomly select for you! You can even create your own travel crossword puzzle or travel bingo game to take on the flight!


Set a reminder on your phones for January 29th, National Plan for Vacation Day- we can’t wait to hear about your New Year’s resolutions for travelers! 2019 will certainly be the year to accomplish your travel resolutions to journey further and see more!

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