Friends on a Hilton Grand Vacations adventure sharing a cup of coffee

Coffee. Espresso. Chai. Caramel Macchiato-Venti-Skim-Extra Shot-Extra Hot-Extra Whip-Sugar Free. Whatever your caffeine favorite may be, finding a good cup to get you going in the morning is a must do for so many travelers on vacation. Sure, coffee chains are great (and convenient), but if you are searching for local beans, french press, drip, chicory, or other fancy ways to get your morning (or afternoon) pick me up, we’ve put together our list of must try coffee shops so you can travel like a local on your next vacation.

First, here are six Hilton Grand Vacations destinations and their top, nearby coffee houses to explore.


If you are getting ready for a family vacation filled with the amusement parks and entertainment of Orlando, you will certainly need to be prepared with a list of really good coffee houses to survive the lines and rides that spin in circles.

The Drunken Monkey

A traditional, college town-style coffee house is awaiting your arrival in Orlando. The Drunken Monkey offers top shelf coffee using fair trade, organic, and Rainforest Alliance beans from around the world. This coffee shop serves breakfast and lunch foods all day, and it is recommended to try the Anzac cookies – something few can resist!


With three locations and a mission to do good in the community, CREDO is a must-try when in the beautiful city. All of CREDO’s coffee are priced by donation, so you name the price of your own brew! With their mission to bring communities together, you can enjoy a delicious cup of joe while giving back to Orlando.

New York City

With a Starbucks on practically every street corner of Manhattan, you won’t struggle to find your favorite Venti or Grande. New York City also has local gems that are a great escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Everyman Espresso

Pretentious-quality coffee without the pretentiousness. Everyman Espresso was voted “Best Coffee House in the Nation” by the Daily Meal. The owner has coffee tattoos on his knuckles and no menu on the wall. Customers are encouraged to converse with the super-friendly baristas to decide their order. Everyman is a coffee shop that can multitask, creating a space that is welcoming and is recognized for its quality and innovative approach to cafe design.

High Line Coffeebar

One of our favorite walks in New York City is over the High Line – abandoned rail lines converted into beautiful garden and social space. Intelligentsia’s High Line Coffeebar offers guests a quiet escape from the city that never sleeps. After ordering from the zinc-topped bar, enjoy your freshly roasted brew in either the curated courtyard or take it with you on your walk over the High Line.

High Line Park, New York

In addition to the High Line Coffeebar, another Intelligentsia sits parked out front. Dubbed the “Minibar”, a fully refurbished 1963 Citroen coffee truck serves a selection of espresso and pour over coffees for passers along the line.

Washington D.C.

During your next visit to the District by Hilton Club, plan a visit to a special coffee shop that creates energy between baristas and customers.

Peregrine Espresso

Peregrine Espresso not only makes great coffee, but they also have created an excellent atmosphere and provides stellar customer service. Now with three locations in Washington D.C., Peregrine has created a welcoming environment where customers want to learn more about coffee and they don’t feel intimidated asking about it.

Breckenridge, CO

No matter the season, Breckenridge is filled with outdoor adventure, and a quaint downtown perfect for walking and window shopping with a local coffee. The ski-in Valdoro Resort is close to all of the mountain fun, and local coffee to begin your day.  

The Crown

The Crown Coffee Bar and Lounge has welcomed visitors to Main Street Breckenridge for the past 14 years. The Crown has a comfy atmosphere and delicious coffee sought after by locals and adventure travelers. Breakfast, lunch, and appetizer menus make The Crown a perfect choice for a relaxing meal and caffeine with friends and family.

Hawaii – Oahu

Hawaii has some of the best locally grown coffee in America, and Honolulu has so many local coffee houses to choose from.


If you’ve traveled ‘down under’, you know that Australians have truly special coffee houses. ARVO, is an Australian-style coffee shop where you can get a java buzz on drinks like the “Long Black” (super strong Americano) or a Flat White (like a latte, with less foam). The cafe is also home to delicious (and pleasing to the eye) snacks, like avocado toasts, and matcha chia seed pudding layered with fruits and edible flowers. Yes, please!

Honolulu Coffee

This might be the godfather of coffee on the Hawaiian Islands. Honolulu Coffee has been roasting high-quality local coffee since 1992, well before Honolulu developed a bean scene. All of Honolulu’s beans are hand-picked from its Kona coffee farm. The company also opened the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center, which combines an educational coffee museum with a piazza-style cafe. To cool off mid-afternoon, try their signature Iced Nutty Hawaiian.

Hawaii – Big Island

If the islands call you to the Big Island for breathtaking snorkeling, manta rays, and hiking through volcanic forests, a cup of local Kona coffee will satisfy any caffeine craving.

Kona Coffee & Tea

2018 marks Kona Coffee & Tea’s 20th anniversary of farming beans. This coffee house recently launched a new design, so their bags of beans make excellent gifts and souvenirs to take back home. The Kona coffee is grown, milled and roasted on their farm, and brewed in the cafe (all within a 10-mile radius). The cafe also seeks out the best Hawaiian teas to serve.

Sipping a really good cup of coffee can certainly bring more smiles and ‘aah’ moments to your vacation. Did we miss any must try coffee shops you and your family like to visit while exploring the world?

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