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Fortunately, many resorts/hotels these days are equipped to accommodate travelers who have left home without packing some crucial items.  I, personally, do appreciate it when I get to my room and see that bottle of mouthwash or makeup remover.  It’s also great to see that such things as blow dryers and irons/ironing boards. There are some things that hotels and resorts will automatically provide which a lot of travelers may not necessarily be aware of.  I’ve listed but a few of those that fall under my list of preferences for must-have resort amenities below.

Hotel/Resort Sundry

This is a terrific service because let’s face it, we all forget to bring that one thing.  Often times, the hotel sundries will sell trial sizes of  items such as mouthwash, toothpaste/toothbrush, deodorant, etc..  Most of the time, you will also find some necessities such anti-nausea and pain medication, which comes in real handy when you’re not feeling well.  I’ve noticed that some now also offer food items for those travelers who are checking in late and would like to have something to nibble on when they arrive.

Fitness Facilities

It is becoming more and more important for hotels to provide fitness facilities for those people who travel a lot.  Just because they’re on vacation, some still like to get that work-out in there.  Since many people have memberships in fitness facilities when at home, they appreciate the use of good quality equipment (and several options) when away from home.

Hotel Safe

Many hotels and resorts now offer the use of a safe in the room.  I would highly recommend storing your valuables including passports, cash and jewelry while you are away.  It would be a shame if your vacation was ruined because you misplaced something or if it was stolen.  If your room does not come equipped with a safe, inquire at the front desk.  Several hotels offer this service up front and all you do is pay a small fee, which is well worth the investment.

Laundry Facilities

Most Hilton Grand Vacation resorts have laundry facilities, whether in-room or in shared spaces. This is an amazing benefit since it basically means having to pack less!

Concierge Service

This is a service that I have personally used on several occasions, especially if I’m unfamiliar with my surroundings.  You can always rely on the fact that they will make the best dining/entertainment recommendations to you as this is usually based on feedback they receive from other guests.  They can also recommend the best place to book excursions and car rentals at a reasonable rate.


Now here’s a must have when you travel.  Let’s face it, there are times when you just don’t feel like dressing up to go out on the town for dinner.  You just want to curl up in your robe and spend a quiet night in your room.  The microwave/refrigerator allows you to go to the sundry and purchase small meal items/drinks that you can bring up to your room and enjoy.

Pool/Hot Tub

Another great way to relax is to spend some time by the pool and soak in a hot tub before bed.  Having at least one of these on the premises is a plus when you’re on vacation.  It truly relieves the stress levels and helps you with a good night’s sleep.   Several hotels now also offer various seating around the pool and more recently, I’ve noticed canopy covered seated areas with televisions as well as sun chairs.  You can even rent a cabana! This is great as not everyone loves the sun, so it provides options for the guests.


Whenever I travel, one of the most important things to me is to know that a balcony awaits me.  I love sitting outside and listening to the sound of the crickets and admiring the beauty of the moon as it reflects on the ocean or the pool surface.  When you experience unbearably cold temperatures in Canada as we do, this is a must-have!

Business Office

For those of you who wish to unplug when on vacation, most hotels now offer a business service office so that you can check your e-mail sporadically to ensure that everything is fine back home.  You can also use it simply to check in for flights and print your boarding passes.


In summary, it is best to visit your resort/hotel website prior to your arrival so that you can plan what you need to bring and what services are available to you while you’re there.  This will assist you tremendously and will leave you with no surprises in the end.

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