HGV travelers use GrupTrip to make a travel plan.

Family reunions. Bachelor/Bachelorette parties. Weddings. Girlfriend Getaways. Milestone Birthday celebrations. Does all the planning excite you? Or, does it make you want to hide your head in the sand? Tech start-ups certainly make it easier for travelers to plan group trips. Here are four apps to help ease the headaches of planning group travel.


Travefy collates flight and hotel information into a single, sharable itinerary. It will also bundle online reviews and contact information into your itinerary. You can share the results with everyone in your travel group. You can solicit input, or offer suggestions via the built-in chat feature, or even run a poll to settle the final decisions.


Forget about complicated spreadsheets! Splittr is an app that will certainly make group travel less stressful financially. Splittr helps simplify the process of settling the bill. So if one traveler is booking the hotel, another is booking the sunset cruise, and a third is securing yoga classes, you will be happy to have Splittr come to the rescue to settle split expenses. Splittr works offline (so no roaming fees during international travel) and integrates currency conversion. You can add up the expenses as you go, then settle them in dollars, or whatever your home currency may be. Each time you add an activity, you can tag whomever in the group participated. At the end of the trip, Splittr instantly generates a final bill for each traveler. This app doesn’t allow you to pay, but the next one does!


Venmo is a must for planning group travel. You can use the Splittr app to divide up all of the expenses and then simply “Just Venmo me!” Venmo allows you to make and share payments with either money you have in Venmo, or link Venmo to your bank account or debit card. This might be the easiest and quickest way to transfer money to your own or fellow travelers’ bank account.


Speaking of apps, are you using the HGV App yet? HGV Members have a digital travel guide and interactive resort concierge designed to deliver a better experience before, during, and after your stay. If you are planning group travel, definitely check out the app’s new feature: Front Desk Messaging. Via the app, you can now chat with the front desk during your stay. You can quickly make requests like, extra pillows, and get answers to questions about your stay directly from the mobile app.

We hope this list helps you find an app to make planning group travel a breeze. Have a favorite app to share? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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