Hilton Grand Vacations room with kitchen.

Eating healthy on vacation. Cooking local cuisine. Eating together with your family (in pajamas). Mid-day snacks ready to eat. Actually having space to store and reuse leftovers. The fully-stocked resort kitchens at HGV properties offer you the ease of cooking away from home. All you need to bring are the ingredients!

See for yourself everything you can find in an HGV kitchen:

List of kitchen supplies found in a Hilton Grand Vacations room.

Feeding family and friends might be the most expensive part of a vacation. But it doesn’t have to be. The complete resort kitchens in Hilton Grand Vacations condos offer our travelers a beautiful and inspiring place to cook and enjoy meals together. Also, avoiding eating at restaurants during every meal, can help keep your family healthy and energized. Our resort kitchens paired with all the other conveniences offered in-room and the space to spread out and unwind is the perfect vacation combination.


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