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Travel expert, Samantha Brown, has some good news about travel, as well as a ‘needs for improvement’ update. Samantha said, “American travelers are getting much better about taking vacations, but in 2018 more than 705 million vacation days went unused! This means 52% of Americans are leaving their paid time off on the table!” Planning for vacation is the first step to make sure you don’t lose your precious time off.

According to Project Time Off, Americans who use all of their vacation days report being much happier with their personal relationships and their overall well-being.

So, since it’s a brand new year, now is the time to call all fellow HGV travelers! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, January 29, 2019. It’s our new favorite holiday – National Plan for Vacation Day!  

Hilton Grand Vacations is celebrating National Plan for Vacation Day because we want to encourage Americans to take their well-deserved time off. Our Team Members are committed to giving our Owners the best vacations possible, filled with what you need to recharge and be with the ones you love.  

Try out this Vacation Planning Tool

According to Project Time Off, Americans who plan out their vacation days are more likely to use all their time off. If you love planning ahead (Or, maybe it’s your New Year’s Resolution this year to be a better planner?), you know that the key to success is blocking your calendar early.

The vacation planning tool is easy! Here is how to plan for vacation.

  1. Enter how much time off you earn
  2. Coordinate calendars with family and friends
  3. Share your plans with Outlook, Gmail or other electronic calendars

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Whether you are searching for fun in the sun, bundling up in the snow, camping under the stars, or indulging in ultimate luxury, there is no shortage of vacation ideas.  Those that plan ahead are more likely to use all of their well-deserved time off. So there is no better time to start than now to reclaim your vacation days!

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