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Have you ever recycled the same New Year’s resolution over, and over, and yes, still over again? Thoughts of “there’s always next year” navigate their way into your mind to help you feel better about an unmet goal.

We have a little extra motivation for us travelers who want to make 2019 the year to travel further and see more. “National Plan for Vacation Day” is coming up on January 29th, just a few weeks after the ball drops. Let’s make at least one travel goal and keep it!

Here are 10 tips to make sure you actually keep your New Year’s travel resolutions!

Keep It Attainable

Yes, planning big is exciting, but if you already know your new year is going to be filled with a busy calendar, keep your resolution to something that you know you can attain. Maybe a goal such as getting up to see the sunrise, or reading a new travel memoir, smaller goals that you can feel good about achieving!

Get Specific

Yes, we know you want to travel, but just saying you are going to ‘travel more’ isn’t specific enough. Narrow down this goal to include specific details. You might want to make a resolution to travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights in October or travel to Washington D.C. to witness the cherry blossoms in the spring.

Write It Down!

People who write down their goals can feel a greater sense of accountability. Write them down in a journal, or hang them up on your bedroom mirror. It’s the best feeling ever to get to cross it off when you’ve accomplished your travel goal!



Talk About It

If you have a resolution to travel back to the homeland to take a DNA vacation, or to plan an off-the-beaten-path holiday in Europe, talk about it! Post questions on social media, follow someone on Instagram who has traveled there and start a conversation. Fellow travelers love getting new ideas and motivations from others!

Stick With it!

Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity to become a habit and six months for it to become part of your personality. Yes, we know you probably aren’t going to be traveling for this amount of time, but beginning your travel research, reading the latest travel memoirs, booking flights, and charting your itineraries, will all add progress, and excitement to your current and future travel goals.

Track Your Progress

Add the Tripbucket app to your phone and actually use it! This app can help you find new dream destinations, track your progress, and select your new travel hotspots.

Decorate To Inspire!

Get a world map to hang up in your house and add a push pin every time you return from a new destination. Or hang up exotic pictures you discover on Instagram or your favorite travel magazines. Decorate your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, and obviously your cubicle at work!


The Little Things Add Up

If the budget is always what hinders your travel, this year cut out some of the little things that can really add up. Morning coffee runs, nail appointments, ordering dessert, buying water bottles, can all add up a nice amount to the travel fund!

Don’t Rely On Others To Meet Your Travel Goal

Asking others for support is smart, but you have to assign yourself in charge of getting the job done. Sometimes if you rely on others to plan a trip for you, it could actually decrease your motivation to follow through. If it’s your goal to snorkel with giant manta rays in Hawaii this year, YOU need to take the wheel!

Celebrate Your Little Successes

If your resolution is to plan a family reunion in France, don’t wait until the trip is over to celebrate. Open up a bottle of wine to research Rick Steves’ travel advice. Go out to dinner when you’ve finished booking all of the lodging. Treat yourself to a new piece of travel luggage when you’ve secured flights. All of the little successes along the way should be honored.


Cheers to 2019! Let us know how you plan to keep your new year’s travel resolutions.

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