Two brothers share popsicles to keep cool on a hot day.

Hot potato. Hot chocolate. Hot dog. Hot cucumber. Wait, what? A hot cucumber just doesn’t make sense! When you are feeling the extreme heat this summer, how can you keep cool as a cucumber?

Here is our list of how to keep cool in the hot summer sun.

Light Colors

Wearing white, light blue, light pink, any pastels really, will help keep your body cooler. If you are traveling to a hot destination, avoid wearing dark fabrics.

Wear Loose Fitting Cotton Clothing

Tight yoga pants, and tops that cling to your skin will trap heat, causing your day to be dripping with sweat. Stick with loose-fitting clothing that gives your body room to breath. You can even wear long sleeves in the summer to protect your skin as long as it’s flowy and cotton.

Stay Indoors Between the Hottest Part of the Day

Yes, we know it’s tough to avoid the outdoors while on vacation (even when it’s extra toasty outside), but if it’s unbearably hot, find some indoor fun between the hours of noon to 3 p.m. Can we say, extra long siesta?

Cell Phone Operating Fans

Yes, there are mini fans out there you can power through your smartphone. Simply plug it into your phone for a nice breezy cooldown.

Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

There are so many fashionable straw hats now, so it should be easy to find one you love to create your own shade haven.

A woman wears a straw hat for extra shade to keep cool while on vacation.

Seek the Shade

Staying in the shade will provide temperatures at least 10-15 degrees cooler than in the direct sun. Search for those tree canopies!

Chill Strategically

Your body has cooling points, so utilize them by placing ice packs, ice cubes, or a cold towel on your wrists, behind your knees, or tops of your feet. This thoughtful cooldown will give you the pick-me-up you need to enjoy the hot day.


Make sure you pack a reusable water bottle on your next vacation and take it with you throughout the day. The Hydroflask will keep contents icy cold for up to 24 hours!

Eat Watermelon

Watermelon is a summer fruit for a reason. It’s mostly water, and is an excellent fruit for keeping hydrated. Bonus tip: For an icy treat, blend watermelon, mint, and ice. Perfection.

Two kids eat refreshing and tasty watermelon to keep cool on a hot vacation day.

Frozen Grapes

Freeze up some red or green grapes and enjoy mid-afternoon for a cold, sweet snack.

Store Lotions, Toners, Face Wash in the Fridge

For a facial cooldown, store your moisturizer and other facial products in the fridge.

Solo Sleeping

Sorry lovebirds, but if you have trouble sleeping at night due to intense summer heat, it’s time to find your own place for slumber (just until the weather cools off).

A woman sleeps by herself in bed to keep cool and avoid extra body heat.

Ice Bath or Cold Shower

It’s amazing how quickly you can cool down after a busy (hot) day at amusements parks or at the beach. Have you tried out the bathtubs at The Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club? Fill it with cold water and…ahhh. Your body and mind will cool down in no time.

Foot Bath

If you aren’t up for an icy shower, soak your feet in a cold bath. Simply cooling off your piggies will help regulate your whole body.

Turn Off the Lights

Overhead lights create heat, so if you’re feeling the burn, keep the lights off during the day.

Avoid the Stove

Using the stove will heat up your entire house, so when it’s really hot, try out recipes that don’t require heat. Have you made our Hawaiian Poke Bowl recipe yet?

Cool as a cucumber. Cool as a penguin. This summer, stay “cool as a ______________.” Leave us a comment below to share your simile of keeping cool.

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