Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Oahu offers a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

My journey to Hilton Grand Vacations Elite Premier began in 2007 when I attended a sales presentation in the year prior to my actual purchase.  I was completely naïve to timeshare ownership and had many of the typical preconceptions.  During that time, I investigated the industry and decided that Hilton Grand Vacations was best for me and my family.

My first interval was in Orlando which was a great location for us in the early years of ownership.  Living in Atlanta, we enjoyed the drive to Orlando during Spring break and summer vacations.  We loved going to Sea World and the other attractions in Orlando.  We also learned to appreciate the flexibility of the system, allowing us the opportunity to make a reservation at the time of our choice and in the size of the accommodation of our choice.

hilton grand vacations elite in orlando

I became comfortable with the system of making reservations online and learning how to make optimal use of my points during my first two years of Ownership.  I made use of the strategic alliance with Club Intrawest and Fiesta Americana and traveled to Destin, Florida and Acapulco, Mexico.

My second interval was in Las Vegas at Hilton Grand Vacations on the Boulevard in 2009.  My family loved going to Vegas. There are many attractions, both for adults as well as children.  Las Vegas was also a great starting point for an unforgettable family trip to the Grand Canyon.

hilton grand vacations elite in las vegas

My initial investments were in Orlando and Las Vegas because those were locations that my children enjoyed.  We enjoyed traveling with extended family members, which have included my parents, my children, and nieces and nephews.  The ability to reserve 3 bedroom and 4-bedroom units were perfect for us all being together.

I decided to acquire a unit at the Grand Waikikian in 2011 and have traveled there at least once a year since that time.  I was able to upgrade or enhance my portfolio using my equity in my initial Orlando unit. 

hilton grand vacations elite in honolulu

The bonus points that I received with acquiring that unit, we used to go on an Alaskan cruise as an extended family.   I have enjoyed working with the sales consultants at the resorts and the direct sales office in Orlando.

hilton grand vacations elite in alaska

My first unit in NYC at West 57th was acquired in 2011.  Over the past 8 years, it has become my favorite resort, so much so that I acquired a second unit in 2018.  I love traveling to NYC to see the Broadway shows.

hilton grand vacations elite in NYC

I purchased The District in 2016 when the offerings were initiated.  I enjoy traveling to Washington, DC to visit family and view the museums.

I mainly use my Ownership for the Hilton Grand Vacations resorts.  I love going to Las Vegas, Honolulu, NYC, and Washington D.C. over and over and over again.  These cities have an unlimited number of activities, and I find something new to see and do each time that I visit.  At the same time, I am reassured by the stable staff at these locations which have come to treat me with such gracious hospitality, almost like family.

I made my way to Hilton Grand Vacations Elite Premier slowly over a dozen years, not all at once.  The locations of my current ownership reflect the locations of my travel interests.  I continue to love the flexibility and availability of visiting other resorts and the ability to exchange my points for cruises.

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