Hilton Grand Vacations reviews by real members and owners

From California to Florida and overseas, our members come from all walks of life, each with their own vacation needs. If you are unsure whether timeshare is for you, let them share their Hilton Grand Vacations reviews. Vacation ownership might surprise you!

Owning a piece of paradise

The Kawadas travel from Japan to their favorite destination – Hawaii – every year. What started as a trip to run the annual Honolulu Marathon has turned into a lifetime of vacations shared amongst generations thanks to their HGV ownership.

Instead of costly, one-off trips to the islands, they are able to live the value of vacation ownership. It allows them to own a piece of their favorite Hawaiian hideaway and return year after year – no exorbitant costs, no strings attached.

Sharing with loved ones

Jan Kennedy believes “friends that travel together stay together”. To Jan, owning with Hilton Grand Vacations has meant memories with those that she holds dearest to her heart. Whether it be on her annual birthday trip to New York or on a member cruise with her mom, the celebrations she has had are memories that will last a lifetime.

Celebrating life’s moments

Life has many reasons to celebrate and the Butlers had one they wanted to ensure was extra memorable. When it came to their vow renewal, after 40 years of marriage, Dave turned to HGV to plan this once in a lifetime trip. 

Each of our Hilton Grand Vacations member families are unique, but there is at least one thing they have in common: their value of vacation days. 

Have a story to tell? Share you vacation memories by commenting below, emailing social@hgvc.com or connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We looking forward to hearing about your experience. 

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