Diverse group of Hilton Grand Vacations team members applauding the hard work of their fellow team member.

Do you have a mentor? Someone you met at one point or another during your career that truly embodies what it means to be a leader? Someone who shows you the ropes (and then some)? We recently spoke with Business Management Specialist, Paul M., of Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo. He shared how one HGV mentor has helped inspire him to build a career not only in hospitality, but to always influence and energize others each and every day.

Here is Paul M.’s HGV story:

The Vacationeer: What is your history with HGV?

Paul M.: I am originally from the Philippines and during college I was studying hotel management. My last year in school I was required to do an internship, so I specifically chose the Hilton in Guam because I had learned what Hilton believes in and embodies as a global hospitality company. After graduating from college, I decided to move to Las Vegas to continue my career. I moved with no prospects of a job, but within a few days of living in my new city, I applied to the Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club. I was hired as a Front Desk Agent at Elara, and was quickly promoted to Night Audit. From there, I also held an interim position as Front Desk Supervisor in which I got the opportunity to help with coverage when needed. With this role along with experience in Night Audit, I was asked to help open The District by Hilton Club in Washington D.C. I helped train the new Front Desk team at the new property for several weeks, which I loved. I enjoyed the feeling of helping others learn how to be their best selves.

Last year, I was promoted again to become the Business Management Specialist at Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo. So, this July, it will be six amazing years with Hilton Grand Vacations!

The Vacationeer: Can you describe a typical day for you on property?

Paul M.: Simply put, I handle all of the finances on property. I really like that HGV at the Flamingo is a smaller property, so it gives such a warm feeling and access to build relationships with all of the employees. You end up knowing everyone here and we all feel like family. So even though I am behind the scenes submitting invoices, budgeting, and crunching numbers, I can also still go on property tours, help out at the front desk, and wherever else I might be needed.

The Vacationeer: What is the culture like on your team?

Paul M.: The entire property has just around 200 employees, so everyone knows everyone and it’s such a supportive, family-like culture. No matter what department you are in, if someone needs a little extra help, we are all here to chip in. I love this!

Team Member Paul M. on vacation in Washington, D.C.

Photo courtesy of Paul M.

The Vacationeer: Any stories to share with other Team Members?

Paul M.: When I was promoted to Business Management, my supervisor was (and still is) the most incredible mentor. She really embodies the Hilton brand, and what hospitality should look and feel like. Since I was new to the department, she spent the time getting me comfortable and I always felt supported. Because of this leadership, this is now what I stand for. I strive to be helpful no matter what. When you have an unforgettable supervisor like her you want to continue to pay it forward.

The Vacationeer: Can you share a few highlights about HGV at the Flamingo?

Paul M.: Each HGV property in Las Vegas has its own personality. The HGV at the Flamingo is a very Owner-based property. Our Members have owned here since the property opened and have strong connections to the resort. Others who stay, love that the property is in the middle of the growth of The Strip. We are right next door to The LINQ, an outdoor entertainment and shopping village. Access to The Flamingo pool is also a big draw. You can avoid the casino by staying here, and still be able to use one of the best pools in Las Vegas.

The Vacationeer: Where do you see yourself growing in your career?

Paul M: I love the variety of on-property experience I’ve had in my career so far. In hospitality, I believe its so important to work on property and learn how to run different departments. I would eventually love to use my hotel experience on the corporate side. My favorite part of my job is being a mentor for others, and I would like to continue helping, and training other colleagues. No matter where my career takes me, I want to empower others to always do their best.

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