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What’s so great about being an Owner?  Firstly, the travel options via the Hilton brand are plentiful.  These options are even greater for HGV Owners!  As we are into a new year, I am sure that we are all planning our 2019 vacations.  As much as I enjoy the planning process, I know that it can sometimes be a bit challenging.  There are so many decisions to be made.  One of the greatest for my family is planning our stay.  In doing so we must decide if we want to visit an HGV Resort, or convert HGV ClubPoints to Hilton Honors Points and stay at other Hilton Brand properties, or are we doing both.  Of course, this decision is based on where we are traveling and the amount of time we plan to spend at any one location, how many stays are we planning and truly if or how we will use our Club and/or HH Points.  I am not sure if other Owners are sometimes faced with the aforementioned dilemmas, so I thought maybe I could initiate a brief conversation to offer food for thought.  So…let’s talk!


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As we all know, each Owner is fully aware of their purchase contract which shares pertinent HGV travel entitlements (ClubPoints, room size, home week, etc.).  Because this information is personal, sensitive, and different for everyone, Owners should establish an HGV online account for review as needed.  Out of all of the travel options available to Owners, the one that probably gains the most attention is using ClubPoints.  After all, these are the points that lead to other options.   Equally, ClubPoints are the points that require direct attention each year, due to expiration deadlines.  If they are not used, Owners must decide what to do with these points by December 31st.

Food for Thought – Helpful Decision Information!

Borrow Points:

If you are planning to visit an HGV Resort and want to stay longer than your yearly points will allow, you may consider borrowing points from the following year.  Now this, of course, may limit your vacation plans for the following year if you are planning to stay at an HGV Resort. I have met people who constantly borrow points for a number of reasons.  I also understand and respect that as an Owner, that’s their choice.

Hilton Honors Points:

Instead of constantly borrowing points year after year, I have found it helpful to perhaps convert ClubPoints to Hilton Honors Points and consider staying at other Hilton brand properties.  In this scenario, you may be able to stay longer than you would at the resort.  Each owner has a Hilton Honor’s account. Assuming that you have established your HH online account, it is beneficial to utilize the opportunities provided.  Remember, when you stay at Hilton brand properties, you gain HH Points for each stay.  Therefore, staying at Hilton brand properties is a great way to acquire points for future use that never expire.  Also, there are no fees attached when making reservations using HH Points. The only condition is that you must make reservations using HH points via the HH website or through a representative.  Each Hilton brand property really does have its own identity.  Depending on the accommodations that you are seeking, I can assure you that there is a property you will enjoy.  In fact, during 2017, my family and I stayed at many new Hilton brand properties.  The suites were huge and amazing!  Converting ClubPoints was an excellent decision for us.

As an Owner, I encourage you to take time to learn about Hilton properties and note the distinct differences.  For instance, Embassy Suites, of course, is an all-suite property with separate sleeping and living quarters, made-to-order breakfast and usually an evening manager’s reception for all guests (quick tip:  the corner suites and conference suites are really large).  Well, the Hampton Inn brand has come a long way from just offering a basic standard room and complimentary breakfast.  Most Hampton Inn’s offer a variety of room types, and suites in its collection.  You may want to check out the “Hampton Inn and Suites” brand.  There are so many new properties in the Hampton Inn collection, and the rooms, no matter what type are fabulous! The suites are extremely huge and pretty amazing.  The Junior Suites are equally great.  Recently, my family and I had the pleasure of staying at several new locations during our family road trip.  I could go on and on regarding the individual property characteristics, however, that is a topic that I plan to discuss at a later time.

My point is this: Converting ClubPoints may grant you more options that could still potentially provide you with an amazing vacation and you don’t have to convert all of your ClubPoints to do so, if you have earned HH Points!  Please understand that I am not suggesting that you not stay at an HGV Resort…. that is the main reason for becoming an Owner.  The remarkable accommodations and amenities that the HGV Resorts offer is second to none!!  I am just simply exploring the fact that you can do both and perhaps in the same year.  Believe me, my family and I love and adore the Resort collection. We look forward to visiting the HGV Resorts regularly.

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Unlike ClubPoints, the number of HH points that you can earn is endless.  If you are interested in earning more points, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you make sure that you are registered on the HH website to receive emails.  As I have previously stated, you should watch for time-sensitive specials.  Often, some offers involve a longer stay for less points.  There are offers in which points earned are tripled and additional bonus points are applied.  You really should read every HH email or check the website regularly!

My final suggestion is to plan at least one stay per year where you can earn Hilton Honors Points, especially when you can catch an irresistible offer.  Also, remember you can purchase up to 80,000 points per year on the HH website.  In this case, you really, really want to watch for specials.  For example, HH has offered purchasing points at a lower cost and receiving an additional 80-100% bonus points at no cost numerous times throughout the year.  Again, it might be more advantageous to convert ClubPoints and consider other Hilton properties.  Oh, I must also remind you that you can’t gain HH points when you book a stay using them.  In this case, because I usually book multiple rooms/suites and types, I just simply decide on the number of rooms/suites and days that I want to use points so that I can still earn points on the others.

Please know that I am only providing basic information that I have practiced with my family.  I will continue to recommend that you speak with a Club Counselor for strategic planning, information, and HGV transaction fees. The opportunity to travel as an Owner and Hilton Honors member is tremendous.  Over the years, I have learned that you really can have multiple Grand Vacations each year.

Lastly, I just have to say it again….being an Owner is wonderful!!

Until next time, be safe, take care, and I will talk to you real soon!

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