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Hilton Grand Vacations Owners build a connection together through the love of travel. Our Owners can also create a strong bond together as a member on their resort’s Owners Association.

Did you know as a property owner with HGV you automatically become a member of your property’s Homeowners association?

When you purchase an HGV timeshare, you become part of a collective group of Owners at the property where you are a Member. Since a single resort can have 30,000+ Owners, your ownership provides a way for you to be represented collectively by a Board of Directors.

As a Board Member you are looking out for the collective and what’s best for everyone at your property. The Owner representatives on your resort’s Board of Directors work in partnership with HGV to approve and manage the operations and reserve budgets. They are also involved in the decision making process to approve HGV resort upgrades.

What Are the Board of Directors Responsibilities?

The Board of Directors are responsible for the long term operation and maintenance of the property. When you purchase with HGV, you are buying the HGV brand standard. So, as an Owner, you expect that the same high level of service, amenities, and physical attributes at one property will be the same standards as another HGV property. The Board, along with HGV, work together to maintain these standards.

The required commitment is:

  • At least two Board Member meetings in person, per year at your respective resort
  • Meetings by telephone as needed throughout the year
  • One Annual Owners Meeting, usually held at the same time as one of the other in person Board meetings

Owners on the Board should think about their decision making process and actions as what’s best for everyone at the property. This is done by following:

  • The Fiduciary Duty –  This is where the Board Member should make decisions and approve action with a responsibility of care because of the power to act on behalf of others in situations that require great trust, honesty and loyalty.
  • The Duty of Care – In making decisions and taking action, the Board Member should exercise the degree of care an ordinary prudent person in a like position would use under similar circumstances
  • The Duty of Loyalty – The Board Member should not serve their own interest at the expense of the Association; they should act in good faith for the best interest of everyone at the property.

Key Objectives the Board Will Accomplish

The most important item is approving the annual budget for the property – consisting of the operating budget, reserves, and taxes. These three pieces make up the annual maintenance fee. During review, the Board will discuss reserves to replace capital items such as a new roof or a repaving the parking lot.

One of the other major tasks the Board is involved in is refurbishment of the units. We start with a design presentation with color boards, carpet, art, etc. The Board gets to work with the designers and HGV to narrow down initial designs, see a model unit with the new palette, and help decide approvals before the exciting renovations begin!

How Can Owners Become a Board Member?

Invitations will go out to Owners of a property to apply to be part of a five person Board. If you are interested, you submit your name to go on a ballot, and the Owners of your resort will vote. Our Board members come from all walks of life and bring a variety of personal and professional experience to their role as a Board Member.

I Just Became a New Board Member. Now What?

Here’s the best part! Every year there is a Board Member training for all those new Members elected. This is a two-day training in Orlando, where you can listen to experts talk about the finances, property management, and more! You will truly receive an amazing education about your property and what you can offer to ensure your resort always remains that special, relaxing vacation destination you fell in love with at the beginning of your HGV journey.


If you are looking for a way to get involved at your home away from home, consider becoming a Board Member. Doesn’t it sound great to be one of the first to see the new HGV resort upgrades?

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