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It takes practice to learn all that your Hilton Grand Vacations ownership can do. But a little shortcut and a few HGV Owner tips can’t hurt!

We recently spoke with HGV Owner, Amy D., who joined shortly after graduating from college, way back when, before the first property in Las Vegas was even finished! She shared a list of HGV owner tips with us, to help make the most of your vacation time.

The Vacationeer: What is your history with the brand?

Amy D.: My husband and I became Owners back in 1994. We took a tour of the unfinished HGV Flamingo and decided to purchase! We’ve always loved our home resort, but now that there is the new LINQ nextdoor, we have a whole new cobblestone village with shops, bars, and restaurants right next door!

The Vacationeer: Why did you join HGV?

Amy D.: Buying a vacation ownership was the right fit for us. I do believe it needed to be the right place and the right time, though. I graduated from college a few years prior and my husband and I knew that vacationing was going to be a priority for us. We love traveling to Las Vegas, so we were thrilled that our home resort would be at the HGV Flamingo, and since this is a vacation ownership (not a traditional timeshare) we would have the benefit of traveling to any Hilton hotel. We also love that this ownership is stress-free with great properties, locations, and service, so we can truly just relax.

A bedroom at Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo

The Vacationeer: What was your sales experience like?

Amy D.: Well, it was a while ago! But, I remember the sales associate like it was yesterday. He knew exactly what we were looking for and showed us how much this would be a resource for us. He wasn’t pushing us to buy into the property. Instead, it was more about how to use the program and be able to see the world.

After the sales presentation, we bought a two-bedroom unit at the property. We ended up getting bonus points when we joined and we converted them to airline miles to fly to Hawaii. So we were already putting our new ownership to work for us!

The Vacationeer: What other properties or experiences have you done with HGV?

Amy D.: Vegas is our happy place and we can’t say enough as to how much we love our home resort. I think we’ve been at least 20 times in the last 20 years, actually! We love bringing our friends, so we appreciate that we can either stay in a one-bedroom or more. One trip we stayed in a four-bedroom, four-bathroom unit at the Elara which was a fantastic getaway!

A view from Hilton Grand Vacations at the Flamingo


Aside from Vegas, we have exchanged points to stay at RCI a few times in Mexico and Aruba. We know that with a Hilton partnership, RCI properties are going to be very nice and pre-approved. Sure enough, the locations, service, grounds, and properties themselves were all excellent.

Orlando, FL

We have a son, so we’ve traveled to the SeaWorld property in Orlando and Tuscany Village on International Drive. We were even able to stay in the Penthouse Suite at SeaWorld during one vacation!

Donating Points

We certainly don’t like missing our vacations, but one year we used our points to donate to friends. We used a Guest Certificate to send close friends to Vegas and Hawaii. We made the arrangements for them, and our friends had an incredible vacation. It was a great feeling to show others HGV.  

The Vacationeer: Do you have any standout travel memories over the years at HGV?

Amy D.: Yes! One year, there were eight of us girls – all cousins and sisters traveling together. We took our twin nieces to Vegas for their 21st birthday! I was able to book two, two-bedroom units at the Flamingo, so we had plenty of space to enjoy each other’s company. This trip was beyond special and will always be close to my heart. This is why HGV is so amazing! You already own the property, so it felt so great to say, “I’ve got this! Let’s go to Vegas!” I love being able to share my ownership with my family.

Amy D. and her family on vacation

Photo provided by Amy D.

The Vacationeer: What are your HGV Owner tips to offer new Owners?

Amy D.: It’s impossible to know everything at the beginning. There are so many ways to make the most of your ownership! Here are a few HGV Owner tips to get you started:

  • Plan ahead! There is always availability if you plan ahead.
  • Book your reservations online.
  • If you don’t plan ahead, be flexible with your dates or location.
  • If you want to go to Hawaii over Christmas, book as soon as Open Season begins.
  • Meet other Owners at your resort pool.
  • Talk to other Owners about how they use their points.
  • Attend home resort Owner breakfasts and meetings on property. These aren’t sales meetings. These are informational to learn how to best use your points.
  • Talk with Team Members and build relationships on property. We love seeing the same faces each time we return to Vegas!
  • Points Management: If you can’t travel somewhere one year, you can convert your points in so many ways. You can simply bank them into the next year, or you can take the balance of your points and roll them into the following year.
  • Take advantage of your ownership as much as possible! Who doesn’t need to get away and unwind? This allows you no excuses!

The Vacationeer: Where are you off to next?

Amy D.: We haven’t done ClubPartner Perks, but boy am I getting curious! It will happen eventually, but right now we love to fly to a great location and park ourselves on the beach or at the pool, so our next stop is to Hawaii. We will be visiting Oahu and King’s Land on the Big Island. I am so excited to take our son to experience North Shore, Diamond Head, and Pearl Harbor.

In the future, we want to go to Valdoro Breckenridge, and travel around Scotland.

We have really been spoiled with HGV, so now it’s really hard to stay in a regular hotel room! We never overpack, and we love that we can eat breakfast in our condo before starting each day.

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