Diverse group of Hilton Grand Vacations team members applauding the hard work of their fellow team member.

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to get the bed sheets and linens at a Hilton Grand Vacations property so pressed and perfect? And the freshness that fills your condo making you and your family feel so relaxed? It makes us wonder, does the Housekeeping department have a secret? Doesn’t it feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t get your own home smelling and feeling nearly as clean? We spoke with HGV housekeeper, Maru, from Las Palmeras, to learn more about HGV’s amazing team (and their recipe for the ultimate cleanliness)!

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The Vacationeer: What is your history with Hilton Grand Vacations?

Maru: I started working for HGV about four years ago when I was hired in the housekeeping department at Hilton Grand Vacations Club at SeaWorld. After three years, I moved to Las Palmeras, A Hilton Grand Vacations Club because I wanted to find movement into a management role within the company.

The Vacationeer: What is your role on property?

Maru: When I moved over to the Las Palmeras property I was offered a position in the Deep Clean department. Within the Housekeeping department, it is the room attendants that do all of the day to day guest room cleaning, and in Deep Clean, we manage the very detailed, indepth cleaning. I was chosen to be a part of this team since I was performing at 100% each and every day at work.

The Vacationeer: How would you describe your team at the hotel?

Maru: I’ve had such a positive experience at HGV! My supervisors are fantastic and my team is always helpful. We all start our day together in our morning meeting, and work hard throughout the day to make sure guests have the cleanest rooms they can imagine on vacation.

Las Palmeras Housekeeping team photo

The Vacationeer: What is a typical day like for you?

Maru: A typical day begins with a pre-shift meeting in the morning. After the meeting, I get my assignment. The way that Deep Clean differs from regular Housekeeping is that I usually only have two rooms per day to clean. These rooms are not currently occupied by our guests. The rooms I clean are on a continuous cycle to receive the ultimate ‘deep clean.’ First, engineering has come into these rooms and does checks, and makes any repairs or updates. Then I go in and clean to the finest detail. First, I move the furniture and mattresses (with the support of a team member or two). I begin my cleaning in the bathroom, then into the bedrooms. Everything is deep cleaned. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen taking out all of the pots, pans, cups, plates, utensils – everything comes out and is washed. I also clean the oven and the refrigerator to the finest of detail, and put everything in the kitchen back in its rightful place.

The Vacationeer: Can you talk about “Towel Buddies”?

Maru: I started making creative towel art when I was working at HGV SeaWorld. A ‘towel buddy’ is an animal or any creation made from a hotel towel. Now at Palmeras, when there are special events, celebrations, anniversaries, and VIPs, I help create towel buddies. One part of my job that I absolutely love is to teach new housekeeping staff how to make a towel buddy. My favorites include two swans that form a heart, butterflies, bunnies, and a purse to take to the pool!

The Vacationeer: Any memories to share with Guests at the resort?

Maru: Yes, I have a special memory with a family that came to stay at HGV SeaWorld. The family was traveling with their six year old daughter. Unfortunately, while on vacation, the little girl became very sick. I was able to give special attention to this family and I made sure their room was always taken care of throughout their stay. I came to know the family well. Six months later they came back (their daughter feeling 100% better!) and they requested me to oversee their room during their stay.

The Vacationeer: What do you like best about working at HGV?

Maru: Hilton Grand Vacations offers employees fantastic benefits. I love that we are able to travel to other Hilton properties. When HGV became its own private company, there was a raffle and I won a 3-night stay at another property. I used it on a staycation at the Tuscany Village property. It was a gorgeous and relaxing mini-vacation.

Also, I have a lot of great opportunities here. I like that I am on track for a management role on property and I’ve been able to go to school to learn English while working here.

The Vacationeer: Where do you see yourself growing in your career?

Maru: I am ready to take on more and I look forward to one day soon becoming a supervisor. I am currently learning English so I can speak more fluently and be able to be bilingual. I know this skill will help tremendously in a supervisor role. Thanks to my amazing managers and my experience, I feel well prepared for what it takes to be a leader in housekeeping.

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