Small hut in mountains used as glamping accommodations.

Glamour + Camping = Glamping! The term ‘glamping’ still gets autocorrected on your smartphone, but this word is here to stay!

What is Glamping?

Do you enjoy being out in the untamed outdoors, but the thoughts of having to pitch a tent and sleep on the uneven ground make your head spin (and back hurt)? There are many outdoor retreats popping up around the world, trying to take the ‘work’ out of camping, and create a more comfortable way to be immersed in nature. So “glamping” is just that; an experiential way to open the door to a new world of luxury outdoor accommodations.

Get Off the Beaten Path

According to, “experiential travel is all about walking away from the crowded tourist activities and embracing an immersive cultural environment.” To get off this ‘beaten path’ you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone to create a shift in perspective that improves the way you can connect with the world around you. continues to say that “this transformational style of travel will enrich a person’s life and, ultimately, leave an impression that lasts much longer than the journey itself.”

Seek a Different Kind of Trip

When was the last time you really saw a billion stars up in the night sky? The kind of unobstructed view to really take your breath away as you admire the brightness of our galaxy? Glamping can give travelers the opportunity to see new constellations with a more upscale way of counting stars. If you seek this different kind of trip, you can also expect to become connected with your surroundings, while heightening all of your senses.

Enjoying the stars at night while glamping

Types of Glamping Accommodations

Glamping accommodations each have standards and things you can expect to find once you arrive at these unique and modern luxury sites.

Tents: Glamping tents are a far cry from the do-it-yourself tent in a bag. The platform-style tent is already pitched and feels like a natural home away from home. Glamping tents offer amenities such as comfortable beds, furnishings, and sometimes, ensuite bathroom facilities.

Yurts: Along with luxury tents, yurts have been amongst the most popular glamping experiences across the globe. Yurts are round, tent-like structures that combine tents, huts, and houses, together as one. Traditionally used as portable dwellings by nomadic cultures of central Asia, the yurt offers a unique design that doesn’t leave a large carbon footprint. Yurts are built on a platform and use modern materials such as framing, and canvas or tarpaulin out walls and many are also built with insulation.

Yurts at Big Sur

Treehouses: Go back in time to your childhood – to the imaginative play and make believe that can happen inside a treehouse. Treehouses involve modern architecture and can be erected in the most diverse places around the world. Enjoy sleeping from a completely different perspective wrapped in the comfort of a tree or high on stilts touching the canopied treetops.

Huts and Cottages: Imagine primitive, yet cozy, human dwellings throughout history, with modern touches and amenities. The structures of huts and cottages are built with local materials such as trees, plants, and other resources. Many have branch or thatch roofs, taking on different shapes and forms.

Cabins: Cabins give adventure travelers the comforts of home and the amenities of luxury hotels, in some of the most remote and breathtaking areas around the world. Many cabins represent a classic wood cabin where timber is a primary element throughout the structure.

Lodges: Glamping lodges are a great way to experience nature while still having four walls and a ceiling. A lodge offers the experience of the outdoors with hotel-like accommodations to bring comfort to your stay.

Airstreams & Trailers: Glamping inside an Airstream or trailer has become more popular due to the nostalgic experience and their portability. Imagine the modern and hip amenities of a new Airstream parked along the coastal beauty of Santa Barbara, California.

Trailer glamping accommodations

Other Unique Accommodations: Others include igloos, cabooses, caves, and even an eco-pod!


The glamping movement is continuing to boom. Around the world, you can find incredible glamping accommodations allowing you to get off the beaten path and be one with nature and unique cultural experiences. Wake up inside a private treehouse perched next to neighboring feathered friends. Or, take in the panoramic views of a round yurt on a mountaintop. Glamping is all about the idea of bringing comfort and luxury to the great outdoors for a unique and unforgettable travel experience.

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