Family playing Scrabble

“Daaaaad! Did you pack Scrabble?” my daughter screams down to be from the top of the stairwell. Ever since our Park City, Utah vacation to Sunrise Lodge, she always makes sure I pack our well-loved Scrabble board.

She was only five when we played for the first time cozied up by the fireplace; our whole family in cheesy winter jammies. I remember when I bought the game thinking it would be fun to practice learning letters, and spelling simple, three-letter words. “What’s the biggest word I can make, Daddy?” she would ask so sweetly. “What can I spell with two X’s and a Z?” like it was an easy feat. She loved keeping track of her points too. I could already see her competitive nature building inside her kindergarten mind.

“It’s already in the car!” I shouted back up to her. Now, of course, she consistently kicks my butt at Scrabble. I used to let her win, but now she manages all on her own, even teaching me a new trick or two in tile vocabulary.

It’s no secret, playing Scrabble with her is my favorite moment during our vacation.

No matter where we travel to next, I will never forget to pack our cherished game. Why? Because there are only seven more summers before college.

Cherishing family traditions,


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