“Dad, can you see us ok?” I asked.

I’ll never forget showing my dad how to use Facetime on his new phone. He’s actually getting quite proficient at it.

“Dad, point the phone up,” I continued directing.

“No, not that up!”

“A little lower.”

“No, not that low!”

“Just a little more to the right. Ok, stop! Don’t move an inch. Yes! That’s perfect.”

No time for small talk today. I’m going to jump right in with my big news.

“We have something to tell you.”

“WE’RE ENGAGED!” I couldn’t hold it in any longer.

As soon as Miles proposed, I couldn’t wait to call my parents to share our big announcement. Then like clockwork, all these exciting moments started to flood my mind. Dress shopping with my mom. Planning the bachelorette party with my best friends. Sipping tea with my grandmother at the bridal shower. Dancing to James Taylor during the father-daughter dance. Whisking away to a romantic destination somewhere halfway around the world. My parents instilled the love of travel in me, and I even met my fiance, (eeek, fiance!) while traveling after college. Hmmm, I think I might start planning the honeymoon first, because I found the one I want to explore the world with!  

Because I found the one,


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