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I have a paper calendar in my room that I keep hidden safely under my bed. Every day after school I race home, run upstairs, take a Sharpie marker and draw a big, glorious “X” across the entire date box. I’ve been doing this for 92 days now. My mom has been gone, ‘deployed’ is what she called it, for over 3 months protecting and serving our country.

As long as I can remember, my mom has always been my hero. I understand why she’s not at home, but I still miss her every single day. Today, though, I’m not staring at an endless sea of giant X’s lined up across my calendar. Today, I get to see the box that I drew a huge smiling emoji and swimming pool around, because today is the day my mom comes home.

I’m not going to use my marker to make “X’s” while my mom is back home with our family. My hero is only home for 14 days; “leave” is what she called it. Instead, my mom and I are going to write down all the fun things we are going to do together for the next two weeks. Day one is swimming, definitely swimming. My mom can do the world’s best pencil jump off the high dive, and I can’t wait for her to teach me! I already have my goggles hanging up by my door.

P.S. I haven’t told my mom yet that another tooth fell out. I want to surprise her when I give her the biggest hug ever!



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