“Did you see Cameron’s latest Instagram story?” I asked, eager to show my favorite person to travel with.

My partner and I were catching up on our favorite Netflix show when I found myself lost in alluring travel photos staring back at me on my phone.

“Where is he this week?” Mark responded.

I moved closer and held my phone between the two of us. Together, we began to scroll through Cameron and other friends’ photos, envious of the experiences others were taking — conquering roller coasters, boating, skydiving, ATVing, and even lounging poolside with colorful, umbrella-clad cocktails.

Yes, the envy had set in.

I couldn’t watch our show any longer. I felt almost hypnotized by the epic vacations our friends were taking, and I knew right at that moment that Mark and I needed to get out and go, rather than simply sit back and watch the next incredible photo appear on my Instagram feed.

“How many vacation days do you have left this year?” I asked.

“I should still have a decent amount. Why? What did you have in mind?” he inquired.

I quickly did a bit of research on my phone and turned to him.

Mark turned off the TV, and just like that, we were ready to plan our own epic vacation together. First stop, the theme parks of Orlando, Florida!

Because we would rather do than watch,


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