Timeshare owners enjoying gelato on a bridge while exploring Italy using and RCI exchange.

Hilton Grand Vacations continues to open new properties around the world for our Owners to experience and enjoy. But what happens when there isn’t an HGV property in the destination you want to journey to? One great option is to utilize our partnership with RCI. It’s so simple! You can use your Ownership points to stay at over 4,300 spacious resorts in over 100 countries. The ability to exchange with RCI is just another way that Hilton Grand Vacations isn’t your typical timeshare company. You really do have access to the world.

Here is how our partnership with RCI works…

What is RCI?

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is a vacation exchange company with access to a variety of resorts (over 4,300 to be exact). RCI accepts Hilton Grand Vacations points, so the points conversion is dollar for dollar. HGV Members can book anywhere from 1 to 21 nights.

Why Should HGV Members Use RCI?

  1. Access to luxury resorts all across the world is one great reason to use RCI. There is a large, diverse selection of properties to choose from. For example, if you are planning a family reunion in Branson, there isn’t an HGV property there. Instead, you can use your points to book your family with RCI. Or, if you are ready to take that dream trip to swim with the island pigs in The Bahamas, RCI is here to reserve your spacious accommodations.
  2. You can stay at many all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and other luxurious destinations.
  3. HGV Owners can save their points for two years (and book two years in advance). This is a great way to maximize your points by planning ahead for travel.
  4. Members aren’t always limited to a traditional 7-night stay with RCI. Many RCI properties offer options to break up your nights. You can stay 1-3 nights in one location and the rest in another.
  5. If for any reason you need to cancel, you will get all of your HGV points back. This makes travel planning much less stressful!

Leveraging an Ongoing Search

A fantastic feature that RCI offers is an ongoing search option. So, if you have key destinations and dates in mind, you can create a profile to search for availability in those locations. If there is no availability for the location you are looking for, you can go on a waitlist for that area and will be notified when rooms become available.

HGV Members are able to start the search online, or you can call directly and enter your search parameters over the phone.

After logging into your HGV account, on the Member Dashboard, there is an option that says ‘Manage My RCI Account’.

Screenshot of the RCI search feature

In order to start an ongoing search, you must search for availability first. The easiest way to search availability is by using the ‘Search by Map’ tab. That allows you to click on the location you are interested in, and narrow down your search from the map.

Screenshot of the RCI search map feature.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search options, the website shows availability. There are filters on the left-hand side that show the locations and dates that are available. In the example image below, a Member searched the Florida Keys. There are available dates in October and December of this year, but they wanted to travel in August- since there’s no availability, simply click the highlighted section to add to ongoing search.

Screenshot of the RCI search feature results for Key West.

The image below shows how Members add the “Ongoing Search” details. You can change the region, or add other regions into your search profile. Finally, you can also add specific resorts to your search.

Screenshot of HGV member's ongoing search through RCI

Special Options for Elite Plus and Premier Members

If you are an Elite Plus or Premier Member you have additional perks with RCI. First, you have access to IHR (International Holiday Retreat)*. So, if you are planning a European getaway, you can stay in cottages and locals’ homes all across Europe — United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, and so on. For an authentic European experience consider renting someone’s house out for a week. IHR can take care of all of the research and bookings for you.

Second, Elite Plus and Premier Members have access to IHR’s Gulliver’s Travelers*, allowing you to book 4 and 5-star luxury independent hotels worldwide.

*Both IHR and Gulliver’s Travelers options are a call-in basis for booking.


Hilton Grand Vacations is thrilled that our partnership with RCI can help our Members continue to travel further around the world and create memories to share. Have you used RCI yet? Share your stories and favorite RCI memories in the comments below.

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