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How is it possible that it is already fall 2018? Did you have an extra busy year? A year that was (sadly) too busy to use all your ClubPoints for vacation?  No problem! Have you thought of extending your HGV ClubPoints?

Fortunately, as a Club Member with HGV you can save your remaining 2018 points into 2019 for use towards Home Resort, Club Reservations and ClubPartner Perks travel. Not to worry if you change your mind. If you decide to travel this year, you can always borrow back what you need!

You can also deposit your remaining 2018 points into RCI for exchange reservations for travel within the next two years!

So, now we are going to share very useful tips with you on extending your HGV ClubPoints. Ready? Instead of waiting until the very last minute and be faced with the reality of busy phone lines, you can extend your points today by using our website.

Here are our step by step instructions to extend your HGV ClubPoints online.

1.Visit your Member dashboard at

Screenshot of the HGV Club website homepage

2. Under the Manage My Points section on your Member dashboard, you’ll have the option to either save your 2018 points, deposit your 2018 points into RCI and/or deposit your previously saved points to RCI.


Screenshot of the Save Your Points option under the manage my points tab in the HGV Club website

Screenshot of the deposit in RCI option on the manage my points tab of the club website.3. To consider which option is best for your remaining 2018 Points, think about how quickly you will be able to use them in the coming year.

4. If you are going to use your saved points in the coming year, you can use them for:

  • Club Resorts during Home Resort and Club Reservations windows
  • RCI Exchange Reservation

5. If you need two years to use your points, consider depositing them into RCI and explore countless destinations in over 100 different countries with RCI Exchange Resort reservations.

6. If you aren’t sure if your remaining points are worth saving or depositing to RCI, ask yourself if you have enough points to use for a 1-night stay in a Studio at a Hilton Grand Vacations Club resort during Gold/Silver season (110-160 points).

If yes, we highly recommend extending your unused points and combining them with your annual points to enjoy a multi-night stay at a Club resort.

7. Remember, you can’t use it if you lose it! So with just a few quick clicks, you have extended your unused points for next year. It’s that simple!

Screenshot of the manage my points tab within the HGV Club Website

Haven’t used your saved points from last year? Extend them by depositing them into RCI for travel in the next two years!

Act now! What are you waiting for?

Yes, It’s that easy. So don’t wait any longer, go online and extend your points today. The sooner you extend them, the less you have to worry about losing your points!

If you do wait and need to call, keep in mind the phone lines will get very busy. Here are a few tips:

  1. Have your account number and security answers handy
  2. Do your point research before calling. Know how you would like to extend your points. Will you be saving your points or exchanging with RCI?
  3. Use our callback option. You won’t lose your spot in the queue and we will call you back directly when it is your turn!


When time has gotten away from you and you now realize you have Hilton Grand Vacations Club Points you cannot use this year…don’t forget to avoid letting them expire. Be proactive and use our website to swiftly extend your HGV points for the ultimate vacation in the future year! Not sure what points you still have left? Visit to review your points balances and manage your points.


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