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Think back to the day you first joined Hilton Grand Vacations. We know excitement was the biggest emotion, followed by questions like “How does all this really work? How many points do I have? When can I book? What is PartnerPerks?” Well, the power of your questions has inspired the best in us.

This is why we created Club Navigator – the online home for all your learning needs to help make the most of your Member website. Club Navigator contains a variety of fun and interactive learning resources to help you go further with your Hilton Grand Vacations membership.

How to Find Club Navigator

Anytime you need it, you can access Club Navigator in the Help drop down on the Hilton Grand Vacations Club website.

How Do I Use It?

Once you’ve accessed Club Navigator, here you will find three types of resources you will find:

  1. Mini Courses – 5-7 minutes to complete
  2. Printable Reference Guide – you can print and keep a hard copy on your refrigerator, in your office, or wherever convenient
  3. Quick Reference Content – to answer questions about the ins and outs of membership
  4. FAQ Videos – 1-3 minutes long

Resources are grouped by categories to make it really easy to find the help you are looking for. Categories include:

  1. Navigating your Member Site
  2. Booking
  3. Fees
  4. Points
  5. Elite
  6. Forms

To access content, simply click on an icon and a screen will pop up guiding you through the information you are looking for.

We believe you are going to love having these resources at your fingertips. But remember, our Club Counselors are always here to help too. Sit back, relax, and take control of your Hilton Grand Vacations membership. The more you educate yourself about your Ownership, the further you can travel with HGV!

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