Happy mother and baby getting ready to travel for vacation

Traveling with a baby isn’t exactly taking a ‘vacation’.  Your first trip with a baby might go really well, or on the other hand, you might feel like you did everything wrong! Sleep might be the trickiest part of the puzzle, as you rack your fuzzy brain asking, why is the baby not sleeping on vacation? Try these tips that really work so everyone can get their well-deserved rest away from home.

Consider Alternatives to a Traditional Hotel Room

We at HGV certainly have you covered with this one! Plenty of space, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, and a full kitchen, all help make families feel right at home during their vacation.

Ask Reservation Agent to Reserve the Room that Most Families Book

Don’t be afraid to ask for the room in the quietest corner, away from the elevator, and the clanging of the ice machine. Even the tiniest of sounds can wake up a sleeping baby!

Create a Familiar Sleep Environment

Babies and toddlers love consistency and routines. If your baby is used to having a bath, story time, bottle, and sleep, keep this tradition alive on vacation.

Cute baby with favorite teddy bear falling asleep on vacation

Bring a Sound Machine

Packing the sound machine that your baby is used to at home, is much more important than packing a bag filled with toys. Try the Skip Hop Sleep Owl or the Sleep Sheep by Cloud B.

If Your Baby Has Never Slept in a Pack n’ Play, Don’t Try It On Vacation

Stick with a crib if you have never tried the playpen style for sleeping. It’s like walking into a hotel room and being told you get to sleep on a futon instead of a plush king-size bed. Call ahead to see what crib options are available. If it is a playpen, then opt for borrowing a crib from a baby supply rental service. Or you can purchase a portable travel crib to take with you.

Make a Private Space for Baby to Sleep

Another great reason why staying HGV is the way to go for new families. You can use a second bedroom, or use the spacious living room to create a private sleeping nook.

Keep the Room Dark to Avoid Jet Lag

If you have an across country trip or somewhere overseas in your future, it’s time to utilize those curtains! Or pack a Gro Anywhere Blind in your suitcase.  

Bring a Night Light

Not only will this provide a bit of comfort, it will also help you navigate your new vacation space during the wee hours of the night.

Just Jump Into the Time Zone

If you can try your hardest to stay up all day when you arrive, to help your body adjust, your baby will have an easier time as well. Babies are doing a lot of sleeping (and waking) anyway so you might be in luck!

Napping on the Road

While it’s pretty challenging to keep to the exact same nap schedule on vacation, you should try to balance naps back in the hotel with a few naps in the stroller or in the car. You can try to keep the first nap of the day in the hotel and this can set the tone for the rest of the day. So pool time in the morning, followed by a pre-lunch nap, and an afternoon out exploring could be a perfect itinerary for your little one.

Baby taking a nap while on vacation

Avoid Certain Foods Before Bed

If your baby is still a newborn and either nursing or bottle feeding for all meals of the day, then you won’t need to worry about this one. But if your baby is trying new foods on vacation, be extra careful what they can get their hands on before bedtime. Avoid all sugars! Stick with a Mum Mum cracker, hummus, or oatmeal.

Get Active

Take your baby exploring! Go swimming, visit an aquarium, spend hours at a new park doing tummy time and swing time. Even the sounds and smells out to dinner adds excitement to your little one’s growing mind! Being active during the day, can provide better sleep during naps, and at night.

Mom and baby walking on the beach to stay active and get the baby tired.

How Do I Get My Baby Back on Schedule Back Home?

Plan on staying in your jammies for a day or two when you arrive back home from vacation. This way, if you are adjusting from some major time zones, you can be in the comfort of your own home.

Is your baby not sleeping on vacation? Remember, it’s hard to expect perfection from your new favorite travel buddy, but hopefully these tips help bring more comfort and sleep (for everyone) away from home.

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