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We’ve all been in the position of not knowing what and how much to pack for our vacation.  Moreover, once arrived, we’ve either realized that we’ve forgotten something important or we’ve over packed.   Have you ever looked at your clothes at the end of your trip and realized you didn’t even wear half of what you brought?  Smart vacation packing and proper planning will make the task much easier for you.

Below are some suggestions for you to consider prior to your trip:

Prepare a List

When first planning your vacation, consider what you usually do in a day. This is a good start to knowing what you will need to bring with you.  For instance, if you like to start your morning reading the news on your tablet, don’t forget to pack it.  If you take certain medication every day, write it down so you don’t forget it.

Pack According to the Weather Forecast

There are a number of great weather apps out there, so be sure to download one onto your phone.  Be sure to regularly check the weather forecast for the dates you will be traveling and pack your wardrobe accordingly.  If for instance, you are traveling somewhere warm, remember to pack sunscreen and sunglasses. If the weather is calling for rain, an umbrella and/or a rain poncho. Conversely, if the weather is determined to be colder, plan to bring heavier clothing, as well as gloves and a hat.

Reflect Upon the Activities You’ll be Doing While Away

Think about whether or not you will simply be chilling by the pool or whether you will be attending social functions. This will determine what you need to pack, such as mix and match outfits that you can wear more than once.  This can be easily done by interchanging the tops and bottoms.  Research whether or not your hotel has laundry facilities, so that you have the ability to wash your clothes.  This can mean bringing less clothing altogether.  If you plan on attending a social function, don’t forget to pack that little black dress (for the ladies) or a pair of dress pants and a sports shirt with a collar (for the gentlemen.)


Packing smaller toiletry items is key to reducing the size and weight of your luggage. For instance, if you have a favorite shampoo or cream that you like to use, you can pour some into smaller containers.  If you check with your local drug store, they will have small containers that you can purchase.  If you’re not particular, then you are probably better purchasing these items once you’ve arrived at your destination.  Another good practice is to select clothes that don’t crease and which you can roll into a ball, such as a warm jacket or a favorite dress.  These take very little room and are considerably lighter.

Consider Your Footwear Based on Your Destination and Activities

If you plan to do a lot of walking, consider some comfortable footwear designed for long distance walking. If you plan to do some mountain climbing, you will need the proper footwear for that as well.  Usually,  two to three different shoe options are all that is required for a week long vacation.

Consider What Additional Things you Need to Bring

One thing several people often forget is to charge all of their electronics before their vacation. I’ve been in the middle of a movie on the plane and my tablet ran out of battery. Unfortunately, I was left with nothing to keep me occupied for the balance of the flight.  Be sure to plan properly for all of your electronic equipment including, phone, tablet, cameras and whatever else you plan to bring along.  You should also ensure that you download plenty of movies and music to pass the time.  This is especially important if you have small children with you as it will also come in handy on those rainy days!


Always remember to bring your necessary identification such as bank cards, health cards and passport.  In the unfortunate event that your luggage is lost, it’s important that you carry these with you and not in your suitcase. Placing them in a handbag or a carry on onto the plane is the best practice.  It’s also important that you are aware of its location at all times while traveling.

Lastly, don’t forget to consider which luggage to bring!

Hopefully, I’ve provided you with enough tips to get you packing and sent off to your next vacation adventure, albeit a little lighter.

Happy travels!

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