Still think a timeshare is the traditional ‘same week, same place, each and every year’ type of ownership?

Think again.

So much has changed since timeshares began to show us the way to more space and options on vacation. First, let’s update the name to what a timeshare really is: vacation ownership. When you purchase into vacation ownership you are giving yourself the gift of travel at today’s prices. Yes, there are still many misconceptions of vacation ownership swirling about, so let’s break down the myths of vacation ownership and clarify what it means to be an Owner.

Same Week

The Myth: Myth number one is that a timeshare means you travel during the same week each year. So if you buy the second week of August, you are married to that timeframe for the rest of time.

The Truth: With vacation ownership, you can travel any time of year you choose. Spend a week skiing in Breckenridge one year, and summer on the Big Island, Hawaii during the next. You can even break up your week or add on! Plan a few days in Las Vegas, followed by an overnight in San Diego, or splurge, and travel for two weeks through Japan. Plan ahead when you travel during the high season and book last minute deals during the low season. Your points give you options and flexibility to travel when it makes the most sense for you.

Same Place

The Myth: A second myth that we want to clear up is that a timeshare requires an Owner to stay at the same location each year.

The Truth: This is so far from the truth with an HGV vacation ownership. If you are the type of traveler who wants to stay at the same resort year after year, you can certainly keep with tradition. For the rest of us, feel free to break that tradition, and stay at any of our HGV resorts or Hilton Family properties around the world. Simply use your ownership points that you purchased to travel the globe!  

Year Over Year

The Myth: Another myth that needs some attention is this: ‘if you don’t use your points in a given year, you lose them’. HGV’s timeshare model understands that life happens. When busy schedules and the unexpected come up, a vacation just doesn’t fit in during a given year. Why should you be punished financially for obligations and an overly packed calendar?

The Truth: Owners can save their points for the following year. You can even combine points to take that dream wine tasting trip to Tuscany, Italy, or pony-trekking through Scotland. So when you are faced with an extra busy year, you don’t have to worry about losing your vacation ownership points. You can also gift your points to a family member or friend. So when your son is ready to tie the knot, give the gift of a honeymoon! You’ll definitely be the favorite in-laws.  


The Myth: Does the word “timeshare” make you think of an outdated condo with floral comforters and dated kitchen cabinets? You’re afraid to feel stuck in a decade that went out of style 20 years ago.

The Truth: All HGV timeshare properties are modern and luxurious. The opulence and comfort at HGV properties are consistent across the entire family of resorts. Our properties showcase current trends, style, and updates from top-notch design teams. So when you travel to different properties you won’t have to sacrifice the modern comforts you are accustomed to.

It’s Just a Condo

The Myth: A vacation ownership is simply owning a tiny fraction of a shared condo.

The Truth: This myth might be the most surprising to those that haven’t experienced the timeshare options of today. Vacation ownership with HGV not only gives you a spacious alternative to a standard hotel room with a fully-stocked kitchen to help with the cost of travel, as well as so many other ways to use your points:  

  1. Exchange points to stay at any Hilton Family hotel
  2. Go on safari
  3. Charter a private yacht
  4. Cruise
  5. Rent a motorcycle, RV, or houseboat
  6. So much more!

Did we help clear up the myths of vacation ownership? Owners are investing in their future travel by creating a customizable plan that works best for them. Vacation ownership looks different for each and every owner. You can continue to create, modify, and educate yourself on how you see the world with Hilton Grand Vacations – definitely not your typical timeshare!

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