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“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

Travel changes all of us for the better. Even one trip can develop a desire to travel more, learn new things, and explore further. Whether you hike to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, visit every coffee house from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia, or order street food in Bangkok, travel will never fail you as a teacher.

Seeing the world will always transform you into a better version of yourself.

Here are our top five long lasting impacts of travel.

Your Education

Have you ever heard the line – “Your kids are too young to travel overseas.” Or this one – “They are never going to remember going, so why spend the money?” No matter your age, travel enriches your mind. Of course young kids won’t remember every detail of a trip to Paris, but being immersed in a new culture and new cuisine will certainly enhance their learning and appreciation of the world around them. Talking to locals, trying a new activity, and ordering something off a menu you can’t pronounce, can be an equal education to one inside a classroom. So why not create a classroom without walls and never stop learning?

Your Culture

Traveling to new countries and experiencing life as a local would do, broadens your own perspective on the world. Our world is a big one, and travel can help us understand our small role within it. This awareness can help us all realize not to sweat the small stuff.

Become a Storyteller

Travel can help you find your own voice. Take a journal or laptop with you on your adventures, and take an hour a day to just write in the moment. Write what you see, hear, smell, and taste, recording in real time – completely in the moment. You never know where your new stories may lead you!

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Re-Shape Your View of the World

Every trip you take can certainly teach you how others live in this world. Learning a new culture, language, or activity while traveling can help build a new understanding and perspective of other lifestyles. Travel can help develop empathy toward other ways of life and a new-found changes to implement on your own life when you return back home.

Learn to Be Present

It’s hard to live in the moment. We can either get caught up in what will happen in the future, or dwell on the past. We even find ourselves looking down at a screen, when all we really need to do is look up at the world around us. Traveling can remind us to be present in the moment. Watching kids fly a kite by the Golden Gate Bridge to fish being thrown at Pike’s Place in Seattle, travel is the best way for us to put down our phones and experience all that life presents around us.

Travel doesn’t just come and go, soon to be forgotten. Travel stays with us, adding new puzzle pieces to our lives – forever changing us. What long lasting impacts has travel had on you?

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