There are many Elite Premier perks which I have taken advantage of over the years, but recently I utilized the complimentary one-way transfer from West 57th Street by Hilton Club to return to LaGuardia Airport (LGA).  I had a great stay in New York, but all good things must come to an end, so having a great car transfer to the airport to return home made it special.

It was very easy to make the reservation on the HGV website, under the Club Membership tab, then Elite Offers tab, then Car Service tab.  Right on the HGV website which is linked onto Ground Link website, a complimentary reservation can be made from select Club properties for up to 3 passengers.  In addition to New York City, the complimentary service is available for Carlsbad, Honolulu, Waikoloa, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, and Washington, DC.  A 12% discount is given to members when using Ground Link for other transportation services but the one-way trip (either to or from the airport) is completely complimentary.

I was able to make my reservation for a specific date and time for my pick-up.  Just remember to make your reservation in advance.  On your mobile phone, you will receive confirmation of your reservation, text location alerts, tracking information on your ride in real-time, and the ability to contact your drive.

My driver was very professional, courteous and helpful.  My car was very clean and smoke-free.  Overall, the experience was great!

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