Father helps child apply sunscreen to stay safe on the beach.

Summer. Vacation. Ahhh, these two words bring visions of tiny umbrellas floating in brightly colored cocktails, and watermelon smiles from ear to ear. Before you get away from it all on your next vacation, here is a list of 15 summer safety tips to follow to ensure peace of mind and health to you and your family while you are out making memories.

Safety at Home While Away

Put Mail on Hold

A big pile of unopened mail and newspapers on your doorstep is the easiest signal for burglars to know you aren’t home. Go online and place your mail on hold. It’s easy and well worth the two minutes it takes.

Trick Potential Intruders

No, you don’t have to go Home Alone style on this one, but make it look like you are home when you are out having fun. Set a timer on your porch light and one light inside your home.

Get Your Neighbors on Board

Ask one neighbor you can trust to keep an eye out for you. Maybe it’s someone who is home during the day who can keep an extra watch on your home.

Traveler talks to neighbor about looking after the home while on vacation.

Avoid Social Media

Checking in on flights to your destination just isn’t a good idea. You don’t need the world to know you will be gone and where you are traveling to. Wait till you are back home to post pictures and rave about your time away.

Leave an Itinerary

If you are traveling to multiple locations, leave an itinerary with a close friend or relative. This is a good precaution to take in case of emergency.

Safety For Yourself and Family On Vacation

Make Copies

Make copies of your passports, credit cards, important identification information, including your medical insurance cards. Take one copy with you (pack it separately from the cards themselves) and leave one copy at home.

Luggage Tag Safety

Never write your address on your luggage tags. Just write your phone number.

Sunscreen + Sunscreen Chapstick

There are so many brands of sunscreen out there, but make sure you use a broad spectrum that protects against both UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun. You think SPF 15 is enough? Think again! Apply your sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply it often, especially after swimming. Don’t forget to apply an SPF sunscreen chapstick to your lips!

Check for Ticks

If you are traveling to wooded areas, be extra precautious of ticks (and check for them daily). The concerns about ticks are rising, as are the diseases they can spread.

Sunglasses + Hats

Make sure you wear both when you are out for long periods of time in the sun. In fact, always wear your sunglasses whenever you are outside during the day. Eyes are more sensitive than we might think.

Family wears sunglasses and hats to the beach for sun protection.


You can never drink enough water, especially if you are traveling somewhere hot and/or humid. Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up as much as possible during the day.

Wear Loose & Light Colors

If you know the heat is going to be excessive where you are going, make sure you avoid tight clothing and dark colors. Help your body avoid trapping heat by wearing white, loose-fitting cotton.

Touch Supervision Near the Pool

Swimming pools are particularly hazardous for children under the age of five. It’s really tempting to enjoy a creative cocktail poolside while reading your new novel, but if you are traveling with children, keep an extra eye out around the water. The CDC recommends practicing “touch supervision,” where you can be close enough to reach the child at all times.

By following summer safety tips and procedures, you reduce the chances of having your good times spoiled. A prepared traveler is a happy traveler!

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