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The first few times you travel with a baby it may seem like you are packing their entire world with you. Babies are the tiniest of travelers, but they require more luggage space than two parents combined! Even with all of the gear you bring, there are several items you might miss that  you wish you had to make travel with a little one just a bit easier. Here are 15 baby travel essentials you didn’t know you needed when traveling with an infant.

Ziploc Bags

You will soon discover that Ziploc bags have so many uses during baby travel. Dirty diapers, soiled clothes, packing snacks, bottles of milk, pacifiers, and more. Keep Ziploc bags in your diaper bag, suitcase and pretty much every piece of luggage you are traveling with.  

Blue Painter’s Tape

If your baby is crawling (and curious), you can easily baby-proof your hotel room using painter’s tape. Use the tape to cover electrical outlets, and tape drawers and cabinets shut. The painter’s tape won’t leave a sticky residue behind.

A Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Leave the heavy jogging strollers at home, and instead travel with a more compact umbrella stroller. If you are traveling with your infant car seat, consider a set that is very lightweight and will easily collapse for flights, trains, and car rides. Baby List just released their Best Travel Systems of 2018.

Baby Carrier

Many museums and tourist attractions don’t allow strollers, so a carrier is definitely key for crowded stroller-free environments. Although you can’t keep a baby in a carrier during an airplane’s takeoff or landing, a carrier does come in hand when you are boarding the plane (you have to check your stroller at the gate), and when your baby needs a nap on the flight.

Dad with a baby in a baby carrier on the beach

Birth Certificate

On most domestic flights, babies under the age of two are considered ‘lap children’. They don’t require their own seat, but you will need to bring a copy of the birth certificate to show the agent at check in. Instead of packing the birth certificate, you can take a picture of it on your phone to show proof to the airline representative.

Snooze Shade

Napping on the go can be a challenge, especially when there are so many new noises, sights, and light to distract a baby. The SnoozeShade is a universal, lightweight blackout shade that fits over strollers and car seats, making napping much more comfortable. The shade even blocks 99% UV!

Bulb Syringe

The bulb syringes from the hospital are best. It’s 3am on the first night of your vacation and your baby can’t sleep due to a runny nose. You will be so thankful you packed a bulb syringe to bring immediate relief (after the screaming during the sucking process of course!) to your little traveler. Definitely a key item on the list of baby travel essentials.

Teething Necklace and Pacifiers

If your baby is teething, travel with either an amber teething necklace or a pacifier. This way your baby can entertain and self-soothe themselves during a flight, car ride, or in a restaurant.

Change of Clothes (for the parents)

Infants are so unpredictable. If you are flying with a baby under the age of six months, make sure you pack an extra shirt and pants for yourself. We don’t need to get into the details on this one!

Young mother with her son on vacation in the mountains

Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are great for so many more reasons than sleep. Cover your infant on flights to protect him or her from germs, lay the blanket over the carseat for privacy, put it over a ‘not-so-clean’ high chair in restaurants, even make towel buddies out of them!

Carabiner (The Mommy Hook)

The carabiner is a multi-use tool for parents. These strong hooks can hold up bags on a stroller and you can connect a few together to provide a bit of in-flight entertainment for your baby. A carabiner can even act as a teether for fussiness.

Baby Passport

If you are traveling out of the country with your baby, you will need a passport. Make sure you plan ahead for getting this document. Both parents will need to be present to sign paperwork, and it will take several weeks to receive the passport via mail. Even though your baby will look so different each trip you take, a baby passport is valid for five years.

You still might pack way too many things for your tiny road warrior on your next trip, but hopefully these baby travel essentials will come in handy during your upcoming adventures traveling with an infant.

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