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Have you ever used a travel journal to record your thoughts and memories during your vacation? Do you need some inspiration to spark creative travel journal ideas?

Storytelling will never go out of style. From ancient civilizations to modern day, stories are told for entertainment, education, and of course, to bask in the glow of something truly great that you have discovered while escaping your normal day-to-day.

Have you ever returned from a truly magical vacation where you charted new places, tried new cuisine, and met new people? Returning back home can be hard enough, but talking about the memories can keep that vacation fire burning bright. Then, as we know, time goes by, and telling your story isn’t filled with as much detail. Even remembering the name of that incredible Parisian restaurant where you enjoyed a four-hour lunch in the Latin Quarter is a challenge.

Here are 10 reasons why keeping a travel journal can be such an important outlet and some creative travel journal ideas to get you started:

Write in the Moment
The best time to be inspired to write is certainly in the moment of your vacation experiences. Make a goal for yourself to fill a blank page in your journal every night before bed. This way you are recording your memory-making in real time. You’ll be surprised by all of the descriptive languages that rolls right off your pen.

Remember the Tricky Monikers
Have you ever been deep in a conversation with someone talking about travel, and you are so excited to recommend your favorite restaurant in Barcelona, but you can’t for the life of you remember it? Simply check your journal.

Girl Drawing Pad Road Trip Concept

Some of the best creative travel journal ideas don’t require words. Use your travel journal to doodle simple pictures, creative fonts, and flowers you see walking down streets as a tourist. Lunch is our favorite time to doodle. Enjoy a craft beer while taking a moment to yourself to unwind with a silly sketch or two.

It’s the Best Souvenir
There is no need to buy souvenirs during your travels if you have a travel journal. Pack a glue stick or a roll of tape, and you can insert postcards, business cards, and brochures into your travel journal. You’ll create an authentic, DIY gift for yourself.

One of the exciting elements of writing in the moment is the opportunity for a bit of self-discovery. You never know, maybe recording that outdoor cooking class you took in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has prompted your interest in writing down your secret family recipes that you remember making as a child.

Journaling is written best when the moment is fresh. When a travel friend says something hilarious and quote-worthy at dinner, write it down. Or when you hear a great new song on the road in a new country, jot it down before you move on, forget, and rack your brain to try and remember.

Make Lists
Crossing things off your list is a huge sense of accomplishment. Making a list doesn’t have to be all about chores and the monotonous to-do list at home. Make a list in your journal of places you want to see next, restaurants you want to visit, and books you’d like to read. You’ll feel just as accomplished checking things off your list.

Someone beginning to write travel plans in a pad on a map

Travel provides us with so many memories and experiences. Some we share, and some we keep close to our hearts. Why not use your journal to record your thoughts that you’d prefer to keep to yourself.

Helping Others
When friends or family ask you about that amazing trip you took a few years ago and want to follow your itinerary and must-dos, you can look to your travel journal. Instead of saying, “I don’t remember”, you can recall all of the important details you wrote down.

Have you ever read journal entries or letters from an elder relative? It’s fascinating to learn where their adventures took them around the world. One creative travel journal ideas Tell your vacation stories and memories in a travel journal. You never know who you might inspire in the lifetimes to come.

Ready to write? Here are a few tips:
1. Get a journal that will inspire you!
2. Find one with a floppy cover (hardbound sharp edges could damage your purse or carry-on).
3. Stick with a lightweight option!
4. Bring a glue stick to add travel memorabilia like train tickets or a museum pass.
5. Pack a pen you love. It’s not as fun to write with a pen you don’t connect with.

creative travel journal ideas: diary, map and calendar with passport

So next time you are packing for your vacation, don’t forget to bring a journal and a pen to jot down your creative travel journal ideas.  Happy travel writing.

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