Couple swimming during a relaxing vacation after fixing their bad travel habits.

Biting nails. Tapping your foot. Pushing your gas tank to the very last gallon. Chewing with your mouth open. Even checking your phone at the dinner table. We all have a bad habit or two. Even when it comes to travel, there is probably something about ourselves we’d like to change, but it just hasn’t happened yet. We’ve put together our list of bad travel habits and how to help break them before your next vacation.

Booking Last Minute

It’s almost addicting to research and wait for the perfect time to book your vacation. You might think to yourself, “just wait a little bit longer and the flights will go on sale”. When you finally do book the trip, you most likely end of paying more since you waited too long to secure a room or a flight. You quietly tell yourself, “I’ll get a good deal next time.”


Plan ahead as much as possible. Also, as an Owner with HGV, booking in advance is a great way to secure your dates and top vacation destination.

Packing Way Too Much

Are you an over-packer? The kind that has to have most of your closet with you since you never know what you will need on vacation? This habit makes travel more difficult than it needs to be.  If you don’t have a packing strategy, you end up paying for checked bags, have too many bags to manage, not enough space in the rental car, and much too much unpacking when you get home.


First, make sure you are sticking with a carry-on size suitcase. This way you will have to minimize your items to bring. Since HGV has in-unit washer and dryers, you don’t need to pack the world with you. Just pack a few outfits, wash, and wear them again. Keep it simple.

Hilton Grand Vacations owner pushing airport card with the family luggage.

Being Unprepared in Airport Security

Many travelers have an eye of which security line to get in. They study how much gear others in front of them are taking, laptops, even jewelry, and lace-up shoes. If you are waiting until you’re half-way down the security conveyor belt before you start putting things in bins, you’ve held up the line significantly.


Keep your flight outfit simple and comfortable. No chunky, metal necklaces. Wear shoes that are easy to get on and off. Take your laptop out ahead of time. Empty out your liquids ahead of time. Have an easy to get to Ziploc bag of any 3 oz liquids. Note: If you are flying with a baby, ignore all of the above. Take as much time as you need!

Be Aware of Personal Space on an Airplane

Have you ever sat near someone like this on a flight: Flipping their hair over the back of the seat, using the tray table as a musical instrument, pushing the back of your seat to stretch out their legs, hogging both armrests, sneezing without covering their mouth, even cuddling too close? Of course, we all have on one flight or another.


Be conscious that you aren’t the only person aboard this aircraft. Keep your items and yourself in your own space. Possibly choose an aisle seat if you need room to stand up and stretch.

Planning Way Too Much

Do you feel like you need a vacation after your vacation? You’ve spent your entire getaway running from place to place, always rushing, trying to squeeze in every last recommendation that the guidebook suggests.

Vacationer overwhelmed with all the activities she is trying to coordinate for the upcoming trip.


 Slow down. Tell yourself it’s going to be ok if you can’t see it all. Spending more time getting to know a few sights in your destination will make you feel much more fulfilled (and relaxed).

Sticking with the Familiar

So you might have a favorite restaurant back home where you order the same thing. Every. Time. You. Go. Or when you travel, do you only seek out known, chain restaurants? If so, you are missing out on one of the best parts of travel; the foodie culture.


The best part about travel is trying something new and learning new ways of doing things. Seek out the unfamiliar. Ask locals where they like to eat. Or try this advice: If you walk by a restaurant that smells delicious, and it’s pretty busy with people smiling and having a good time, you’ve probably found a great spot to dine.

Being a Pack-Crastinator

Do you leave packing to the very last minute? Laundry is cycling until wee hours of the night and you are stuck setting your alarm for an hour that should never be considered a ‘wake-up’ time. You might end of spending the first few days of your vacation trying to recover from sleep deprivation and packing.


Pack a few days ahead of time. When you do laundry, simply fold and place your fresh clothing right into your suitcase. Wear other things you aren’t packing for your trip. So, the morning (or evening) you leave for vacation, all you need to do is make your bed.

Not Learning Exchange Rates and Other Fees Ahead of Time

Have you traveled overseas and come home to outrageous credit card charges and hidden cell phone fees? Don’t spend money that you don’t have to!


If you are traveling overseas, make sure you understand the exchange rate before you go. This can help you stay within budget on your vacation. Also, check your credit card. Are there any foreign transaction fees to be aware of? These fees can really add up! Finally, does your cell phone charge roaming fees?

Eating Poorly Just Because You Are On Vacation

Eating out three meals a day isn’t good for your stomach, or your wallet. Eating high calorie ‘fast’ foods or restaurant cuisine can reduce your energy and cause you to not feel your best. Have you ever gotten back from vacation and ended up sick?


Book a resort with a kitchen. As an Owner with HGV, you have the luxury of a fully-stocked kitchen to cook for yourself. Maybe breakfast and lunch you eat in your condo kitchen and treat yourself to dining out for dinner. You decide. But being able to cook for yourself can keep your body healthy and happy while on vacation.

Buying Water Bottles

Sure, it’s convenient to purchase a plastic water bottle and recycle it at the end of the day, but this habit isn’t the most cost-effective or eco-friendly.


Pack a reusable water bottle. Fill up your water bottle in the morning and find a place to refill it during the day. Durable water bottles are easy to wash, and safe to reuse again and again.

Prepared HGV Owner refilling their reusable water bottle while enjoying the outdoors on vacation.


Being aware of any bad travel habits you have is step one. Doing the research and planning to be better prepared is step two. Breaking these pesky travel habits will help you have the incredible vacation you deserve! Do you have a bad travel habit you’re trying to break? We’d love to hear your story!

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